Friday, September 19, 2014

Happenings at Chez Sluggy Lately

Let's see what's going on around here this week, other than hitting up Rite-Aid for almost freebies and going to the grocery store.
Boy, do I lead a dull, dull life.......

Here's the biggest news this week.




Another vehicle bites the dust.

We'll save approx. another $800 a year on our car insurance having this van gone.

From a high of about $2,800 a year for insurance to $1,340 a year now.
My van insurance was roughly the same I now pay for the Sonic(since it's new) but unloading the Hyundai Elantra and Dodge Minivan will save us $1,460 a year going forward.
Plus all the repairs, gas and taxes/fees.
Plus we'll get a small partial refund on the car insurance bill I paid last month.

#2 Son will either have to be happy to drive the purple car when he is home for breaks or he will get a lot of exercise walking places. lolz

In other news........

I didn't sleep well yesterday because I am stressing out over--

A.  The repairman coming back today to fix the a/c and heating units.  He left here 2 weeks back and couldn't tell me what was wrong with them.  He had to call for technical support to a guy in India...WTF?!?  I have little confidence that this will be fixed today.  At least we aren't paying for a service call or parts as we got an extended warranty on the thing.

B.  Someone bought a boatload of fabric from me on Etsy 2 days ago.  She didn't pay me enough so I am waiting on more shipping $ at Paypal to come through.  This stuff doesn't leave until I am FULLY paid.

The daughter paid us the first installment of the loan we floated her to buy her house.
Only 119 more to go.
I hope I live long enough to get all this $ back. lolz

Not feeling so great this week, besides the not sleeping.  I have some naggy ailments happening, things that pop-up every so often.  Annoying and make me grouchy.

I also have to schedule a mammogram, a CT scan(for a final check on a scar on my lung to make sure it isn't a tumor)and I need to get to the eye doctor before the end of the year.  That "baby cataract" that wasn't even large enough to mention really last Fall is now causing me eyesight problems.  I dread having a surgery but I need to get this taken care of before I head off on any more driving trips.  I just don't feel confident driving long stretches with my vision as it is now.

Speaking of trips........

                         photo credit S Walker

Next Friday we head out for the Vassar/Baker Reunion down in VA.  This is a shot of last year's attendees taken by my 1st cousin's(once removed) wife.  I'll be more mobile this year since at last year's event I was still recovering from a blood clot in my ankle.

I hope people hang around longer this year and don't just eat and run like last year.  Between that and not getting around well I didn't get to talk to/get to know hardly anyone there. 

I also want to go visit a cemetery while we are down there and take some photos of my 2x Great Grand headstones.
Later on the evening of the Reunion we'll have dinner with my mother's cousin & her husband, from her father's side of the family.

I hope to stop at Berky's Restaurant outside of Lexington for early dinner or late lunch on the way down.  Never been, always wanted to go there.  The fried chicken is to DIE FOR!
I haven't had fried chicken in ages.......

What else--

*   I got an old ragged nightgown ripped up with the seam ripper so now I can use it as a pattern to make some more gowns.  I loved that gown and it hurt to have to let it go....sniff, sniff......

*  Paid bills.  It looks like we are going to end September with $2K+ for the Savings Challenge so we are on track for this month.  We are, however, behind for the year at this point in the game.
But never fear because October is our 3 paycheck month. 8-))

*  I mostly piddled around and didn't get much done besides canning the relish.  Now I have to find a place to put it all! 8-)

Not much else going on here.
How about you?
What are y'all up to?




  1. Sluggy, love reading your blog! Never had a family reunion, so I'm jealous of you. Where is your van going? Donation or did you guys sell it?

    1. Hey Tami,
      I am so happy to be so entertaining.....even if I am

      Don't be jealous about the Reunion. Basically I know about 8 people who come(2 are my brother and his wife)....they all descend for a potluck lunch and then leave. No activities, no real socializing. 8-(

      The van was donated to one of those charities that always have their hands out. We are such philanthropists....lolz
      A little tax write off doesn't hurt either. ;-)

  2. I read your post to exbf. He was aghast and asked, How MANY cars do they have?" So, I explained briefly.

    I see the big motorhome still exists.

    When I went to my family reunion, I knew no one. It was the line of my ggrandfather. My ggrandrather was his brother. When the oldest person, the one who invited me died, I drove all the way there to find that it was not being held anymore! They start at 10 am and eat and noon and go out to the cemetery adjacent to the church to walk and talk. I suppose it is a 4 hour affair.

    I would do the same with a beloved nightgown. I wear something I love to shreds even if I can afford another.

    Tuesday, I am having my first cataract surgery, and I am terrified. But, I can barely see. I hope they sedate me well! Driving to my reunion is going to be an experience if I don't have the other one done before then. I am sure I cannot afford new glasses.

  3. Yay on a bunch of fronts here! LOVE family reunions! Because I thrive in chaos. Let us know how your nightgown turns out. I did that once with a pair of jeans. I should have made them a smidge longer...

  4. It sounds like you are staying busy

  5. That's a nice savings from the van! :) Here... same old. ;)

  6. Wow, I had to go back into my archives to remember how long ago it was that you came to visit. It was April. We had Danny's fried chicken. Probably the last time you had it?

  7. Isn't it nice to watch things drop as the kids leave? Cataract surgery is a piece of cake, just make sure you get the right lens!

  8. Good bye van and nightgown and if you want send me the relish and you will be out your 3 things!

  9. I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now. I'm enjoying my visits. I hope that perhaps you will visit with me over at mommiesandbeyondtoo at blogspot dot com . I've never been to a family reunion. The closest I've come to one is a few years ago when I lost my wonderful grandfather. The mix of relatives proved to be both interesting and a mix of mixed company tension. Sounds like you have been busy. Saving that kind of money with the reduction in vehicles is great.


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