Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where is Kim!?!?

Has anyone heard from Kim lately?
She hasn't posted to her blog for 2 Weeks!
I have her last writing Aug. 13th, 2 weeks ago today.
Maybe she is away again?  But I didn't see her say anything about going on a trip later this month.


Kim, are you out there?!?

Sluggy the Worrier


  1. I was thinking this exact thing yesterday. KIMMMMM where are you??? We miss you!!!

  2. I was thinking the same thing. On her last post, she said she was finishing things up so she could get out of town. Maybe she is out of town?

    1. She was going to her sister's the Sat. after her last post. She generally doesn't stay but a week, right? Unless she is home and still buried under paying bills and sewing and the garden stuff. I am an old worry wart I suppose. lol

  3. sorry, I am back, was in D.C. for 10 days and it takes a day to get there and back when you are flying across country, plus I was behind when I left and behinder when I got back.... Hee, hee I said behinder.


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