Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The "New" Plan

As some of you may know, Hubs and I are going on a road trip this month, with the destination point being the town where my daughter now lives.
I haven't seen her since she moved there last May, so it's been almost a year since she's been gone and we've seen her.

I miss her.
I can bet you that after 2 days being around her, I'll take that statement back. lol

Anyway, we are looking forward to visiting her and seeing a part of the country that, at least my Hubs, has never been to before.

The daughter's living situation is tenuous at this point.  She's been living with her boyfriend and his parents since May.
That situation has been "going downhill" for months now.  Nothing dangerous or bad but she and the BF want to move out as soon as they are able.  They are in their 20's now and want to get out on their own.

So here comes another one of my hair brained ideas....uh oh.....!LOLZ

Hubs and I are still up in the air in terms of what part of the country we are going to retire to, but he IS retiring in 4 years and Hubs wants to move away from the "snow belt" and I want to be near wherever my kids end up living, so we have come up with an idea.

I have contacted a realtor and while we are down in Louisiana we are going to be looking at property there.

The plan now is to find something inexpensive, a foreclosure, etc., we can buy soon,  that the daughter and BF can live in for the next few years, until Hubs retires.  At that point they can make arrangements to buy the house from us or they can move out and we'll move in and renovate or have a new home built on the property.

The housing market down there is still quite depressed and there are many many foreclosures and folks desperate to sell.
I want to find something we can pay cash for(since we won't be selling our house up in PA yet)and the kids can do any fix-up work to get it livable(on our dime).  In exchange for free rent, they take care of the place.  They will be responsible for the taxes and utilities.

We are thinking about properties with at least 2 acres outside of the cities there.  Most of these would be mobile home situations.  As long as the trailer is in good enough condition, these would be the cheapest option and the most attractive for our needs.
Once Hubs retires and we move down there, we'd move the trailer(or haul it off depending on condition)and have a new house built on the property for us(after selling the house in PA since we'd use those funds to pay for the new house).

I figure, Hubs will enjoy the weather there(thank goodness for A/C for me!lol), we will enjoy the laidback lifestyle down there, plus we'll be close by to where my daughter lives.  She plans on having kids so this is important that we be close by.  My oldest is also planning on relocating to the South at some point so we'll also be closer to him and his GF.  It's too soon to guess where #2 Son will end up as an adult so we can't even make a plan taking him into consideration.

So we'll see what develops from this trip.



  1. Ooh, the plot thickens. Interesting development indeed, but I think it could be a win-win situation if it works out. I think that'd be something really wonderful to do for your daughter, even if you were charging them partial rent. Good luck and have fun on your next field trip!

  2. Now that's a different route for sure :) I hope, you can find a good place for both you and your daughter.

  3. I'm from California. Our oldest daughter moved to Louisiana 10 years ago. She liked it...I thought the humidity would kill me...but I loved the people and the food...houses were/are very inexpensive compared to CA. A couple years ago she moved to Mississippi on the I love it's beautiful and very affordable and only a couple hours from New Orleans. Good luck on your search.

    1. Mississippi was going to be my suggestion. I don't think you know how the humidity can absolutely drain you after a while. I LIKE the heat and humidity, but there are days as I get older that I absolutely die! But, her school is in LA. So, she does need to be near her school.

      My friend's daughter had future in-laws who bought a house for them to live in while they were in med school. Then, the parents planned to move in. It worked out well.

      Your husband would be out of the snow belt!

  4. Hey cool! We'll practically be neighbors!

  5. I have been thinking about something along these lines lately. It is still a little early for us(Den is 40 and I'm 42) but moving down by Anna doesn't seem so bad. After she gets her Masters, I think I will try and help them get into a house instead of renting. And then later, we could move by them. Or by DJ. IN is quite nice too.

  6. “The plan now is to find something inexpensive, a foreclosure, etc., we can buy soon...” - This plan definitely serves a lot of purpose in your family’s life. And it’s a wise move that you hired a realtor for this. At least you’re assured that you will only get the best deal out of the market today. Anyway, I really hope you’ll find the house you and your husband need for your retirement.

    Charlena @ Weidner Law


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