Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sluggy's World & Welcome to It

I'm ok, just not feeling like blogging much lately.
Blogging burn-out I suppose.

I didn't post a "This Week on the Dining Table" yesterday because frankly, I am bored with it.
And I really don't know if posting my meal plans and food spending is helping anyone or is even that interesting.  Heck, I am not even interested in it! lolz

Let's do a mish mash of highlights of what's been going on in Sluggy's World lately, shall we?

*  First off Hubs celebrated his birthday on Saturday.
And with the help of a fellow blogger at the Bloggerpalooza, I was able to give me a gift he really liked--a bottle of 9 year old Whiskey from Tennessee......

*  I called a realtor in Louisiana and she was suppose to start sending me emails of properties we were going to look at while down there later this month.
That was last Tuesday and I've yet to receive a single listing from her.
You would think someone with cash in hand and ready to spend it would actually WANT a commission??!!
I guess I am just not planning on spending enough to make any effort on her part worth her while. 8-P

So I have spent today looking for another realtor who actually wants to make money.....

*  I have been scanning the MLS properties online for weeks now.  Ifound this listing.  For a mere $29,900 I can become a ghetto landlord......

For my money I'd get a ready made piece of land with 8 1 bedroom shacks on it.
Nice, huh?
I can add Slumlord to my list of accomplishments.....

*  #2 Son got his letter from school today and he made the French Honor Society again.
He wasn't too sure he'd retain his membership this school year as his grade had slipped a bit with all the time he's been spending on musical stuff.  But he managed to eek out an A for the last 3 quarters.

*  On the health insurance front, I got a bill a few weeks ago for my DME....actually it was TEN BILLS.

I have traded in a totally incompetent DME company, who by the way is still billing our OLD health insurance provider(even though they were informed Jan. 15th about the new insurance provided)AND they are billing for service/equipment for a time AFTER it was all picked up and we discontinued using them.

Now the new DME provider, on the other hand, is totally anal about billing.  They billed me not only for the rental of a Bi-PAP, an Oxygen Concentrator(I use with the Bi-PAP at night), portable Oxygen tanks service, but they also billed me for 7 more items beyond those 3......every tube, hose and widget they sent over with these 3 items/services they also charged me for.  With the old DME, they didn't bill for every single piece of plastic.
So I received TEN ITEMIZED BILLS totaling over $1000(yes FOUR Zeroes!)for one month's worth of service.

And even with that, the prescriptions, an odd bloodwork-up or two and my daughter's 3 x weekly visits to a chiropractor, we have still not exceeded our high deductible for the year yet.  Once this 2nd month of DME is billed, that will change however.

*  Later this week I will be returning the Bi-PAP and the portable O2 tanks to the DME and discontinuing those services.  The old DME provider did NOT pick-up their Bi-PAP when they came for their equipment since I had paid rental on it long enough that I now own it.  When the new DME person came to drop off their equipment I told them I don't need their Bi-PAP because I have this old one that works, but they left it anyway and billed me over $500 for a 1 month rental(along with the humidifier tank attached to it).
And I am getting rid of the O2 tanks since I don't use them, haven't needed to since last June.  Why am I paying all this $ for stuff I don't need??!

*  On Friday #2 Son attended with his high school Jazz Band a Jazz Festival held annually at Bloomsburg University for PA high and intermediate school bands.  His band did well and he came home with this, which I posted about on FB last week.....

He won an award at the competition for his bass guitar solo with his band.
It was totally unexpected but he was right proud of it.

*  Speaking of music, his flute instructor wants us to help locate a venue for #2 Son's solo flute recital.
I am clueless about where we can find something that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
It has to have a piano(obviously)so we are checking into local churches that will rent themselves to us for the evening for not a big amount of $. 
I think it's silly, not the recital but renting out a hall, since no one will be coming to hear him.  We have no family in the area to invite(other than Hubs brother and the nephew and I doubt if they'd come)and we have no friends here to invite.
So it's just going to be me and Hubs(even #2's siblings are here)and maybe #2's music director from the high school.  I figure we can rent a piano for a day and hold this in our empty living room/dining room.  It's just the right size and not being used for anything else. lolz

*  Our remaining doggie is having problems again.  She's an old beagle and they are known to have back issues.  She also have slipping kneecaps on her hind legs.....the knees slip every time she walks.  Up until now this has just been a small annoyance but today, she couldn't get up out of her bed.  I've given her some meds but they don't seem to be helping with the pain and she's lying on the kitchen floor and not even trying to get up.
I fear she is quickly starting down that road to the Rainbow Bridge. 8-(

*  I got some sewing done last weekend and I have another shirt for me, 2 pair of PJ pants for daughter and 2 pair of pants to alter for Hubs before the week is finished.
I've been working on ETSY listings as well the past 2 weeks.  As soon as we get back from our trip I'll be launching most of those fabric listings.  No point in doing that until I get home, right?, since I won't be here to ship packages.  I also have a big pile of listings for later in the year, of flannel, corduroy and other winter type fabrics, ready to launch in "draft".

So now you are up to date on the Life of Sluggy, such that it is.

Aren't you glad you asked? ;-)




  1. A little of this and a little of that-yup that's my life too. I guess we just need our excitement in little pieces. I think our prob is that we can't go outside and make a mess. Drinks on the deck anyone?

    1. I am so ready to get outside.....not to work mind you, just to drink. ;-)


  2. Maybe you know someone with a piano who would rent their living room to you cheaper than you could rent a piano. Maybe he knows someone who would let him use their piano no matter what room it's located.

    I enjoyed your food post, even though it made me feel incompetent. Now, I sound sick in the head.

    1. Great idea but I don't know Anyone here well enough to take over their living room, let alone their piano. lolz

      And you ARE sick in the head....allergy sick.... ;-)

  3. You sound normal as heck! I'm glad the Dickel went over well. I love that your son plays flute like I did! That's cool. I also played bass in our "stage" band (sort of a jazz/rock/show band).

    Life sounds good, and I hope you find a decent real estate agent.

    Peace <3

    1. Thanks Jay. Found a new agent already.

  4. I am also not feeling the pull to blog lately. Maybe it will feel more like it when school is out for the summer. You life seems pretty normal to me also :)

    1. You are the first person who has ever called me normal.....thanks! lolz

  5. I always enjoy your menu posts. That is not to say that I have ever come close to being that organized. You eat things that we don't and I find that interesting. Truth be told my favorite part is when you list the waste for the week. I just don't know how you manage to have so little waste. We are horrible in that department. I am ashamed of how wasteful we are. I strive to be more like you.

    1. When the kids were little and I had even less time and patience and overspent on food too, we had horrible amounts of waste. Kids as a rule are adverse to eating any kind of leftovers which doesn't help you at all.
      Hubs loves leftovers and will eat them until the cows come home but lately, with not knowing whether to fix for #2 Son or not too, the amounts of leftovers have tried even his capacity. Luckily the dog takes up the leftovers slack. lol

  6. Second post.... What part of Louisiana are you looking at? In my youth I twice moved to LA. That was a long time ago.....still I am very interested!

    1. It's the Shreveport area....not specifically IN S'port but in the surrounding area.

  7. It's hard to buy real estate long distance, especially if you don't have a connection where your looking. Can your daughter meet with a real estate agent near her in LA and explain the situation so they know that your really serious about buying?

    1. I've already found a new, competent realtor. Daughter works very long shifts at work so not feasible for her to go looking with realtor. She's getting time off when we go down there so I am hoping she can come when we visit properties and give her input. No matter, I KNOW she'll give me an earful of input either way. lol

  8. I had a friend in Florida who was a successful slum-lord. he collected the rent two days a week and surfed the other five. Some days I wonder if I should have tried that route.

    1. When I was a child, the kid I played with across the street, her father was a slumlord in an unsavory neighborhood in our town. He use to bring me and his daughter along when he went to collect rents on occasion. I now wonder about his motives(as well as his intelligence)for doing this......he was probably thinking no one would cuss him out or assault him if he had little kids with him. lol I am shocked that my parents let me go with them, unless of course they were clueless about the sort of environs it was.

  9. I had never heard of the Rainbow Bridge until we got Star's remains back... poor Cherry. Hope she feels better soon. And as far as the realtor, that's outrageous... even if it's not a whole lot of money, it's their job AND part of their paycheck. I really think you should find someone else.

    1. Already found another realtor and gotten listings within hours of contact. I refuse to give money to someone if I have to work harder than they do at their job. lolz


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