Thursday, April 3, 2014

Have I Mentioned How Much I Hate Cars Lately?

First let me state for the record......March kicked my ass.

Except for a few days away in Delaware, it was a sucky month, both financially and personally.
Lots of bills....too many for my taste.
If not for a nice tax refund we would have been into the negative money in March after paying all the bills.

The health is ok but I am not making enough progress on my goals of dropping weight and getting more fit.  It's difficult to see results when you can't exercise much due to breathing issues.

Can't get motivated to do what needs to be done to this house or the many projects I have to do.
I am about at the point where I just want everything that isn't getting completed GONE from the house.  I feel a big donation to Sallie's bubbling up to the surface.... ;-)
At this rate, by the time 4 years from now gets here, I won't have anything to throw away or even MOVE when we leave this house. lolz

My newly fixed, floored, painted and crown molding-ed living room still has no furniture in it.  But the dog enjoys the rug in there to sun herself on nice days.
I'm so glad we had that work done.....for the dog's pleasure. ha!

I guess I am just feeling frustrated and ready for some warmer weather.  Remind me I said that when I am sweltering a few months from now... ;-)

Back to the bills.....
I just tallied up what we've spent on the SUCK HOLE that are cars in just the first 3 months of
this year.


And that's just repairs; not gas, insurance and the usual monies we have to sink into them.

I just wish you could fix everything car related with duct tape.  My life would be so much more pleasant and richer!

So hating what it costs to remain mobile in this society of ours......

Hubs has decided to just limp along with his vehicle(aka the Death Trap)until August.
When #2 Son leaves for college the Death Trap gets donated(somewhere they will take it!lol)and he'll start driving the 3rd car(that use to be his car before he bought the DT)again.
Then we have to decide what to do with my minivan......the one that needs bodywork or won't pass inspection this time again next year, but doesn't even have 100K miles on it yet.

Maybe we will become a 1 car family by then?
We had planned on downsizing to 2 cars this year, then 1 car once he retired in 4 years time.
Maybe we'll get down to 1 car sooner than we planned.

Lord knows I'll enjoy NOT spending all that cash on the beastly things!




  1. Major ouch!! Getting down to one car will save you major hassle and money! I just notice the piece of metal over one of the rear wheel wells is rusting out and isn't even bolted at the bottom anymore - someone just painted over it at one time and I didn't see it when I bought it. There's one born every minute they say...

  2. Bodywork can cause a car to fail inspection? Wow Half of the cars in AL would fail

  3. Ouch ouch ouch. That's a huge amount! Couldnt you just buy a whole new car with that? Going to one car may be the way to go, if you can accommodate the different schedules. That's the hardest part... vehicles are a very expensive necessary evil these days.

    1. yes, we could have bought a new(to us)car with that, but that $ was spread out keeping 3 cars on the road and legal.
      Once #2 Son hits college he won't NEED a car(if he WANTS one at that point, he can work and save and pay for it)as he won't have to drive to school each day-he'll be living at school. I only NEED a car to run errands at this point so I "could" just go out in Hub's car after he gets home from work....but I am usually worn out by that time of the evening.
      I keep thinking it wouldn't be too big a pain to the wallet to get a cheap lease for me. I don't pile on the miles or destroy vehicles like Hubs and I'd like driving a new car for a few years and not have repairs. It might balance out(the no repairs for 3 years vs. the extra cost of signing payment for a lease)so I'mma gonna look into it.

  4. Same in VA, can't have a holey body! That is a lot of money to spend in 3 months. I sort of look at it like this: When the wheels start falling off, it's time to find something newer and in better condition. I worry about reliability, and safety more than aesthetics, so I'm going to get rid of it before it gets rid of me. Or eats me out of house and home. Just think, that $5 you spent would have been a nice down payment on a nice, newer car that wouldn't cost you anything in maintenance for a long while!

    Peace <3

    1. Well the Death Trap was just bought last year used but shouldn't be needing this much attention yet, but it's been a money pit! ugh
      The car #2 drives should be good for a few more years of hassle/money-free driving now since everything costly has been replaced at this point! lol

  5. Cars, can't live with them, can't live without them. I have started keeping something new(er) because I hate paying for repairs.

    1. The quality of good used cars took a noise dive last year....I am blaming the cash for clunkers program as it seemed to take many worthwhile affordable cars of the road around here. bleh.

  6. Duct tape or SeaFoam just whatever it takes to keep them going!
    Oh honey, I hear you on the car costs. The light is on in DJ's car AGAIN)you know its upsetting when I don't even post about it anymore). Oh well, it likes to be on, it can stay on. It is rusting through in places. I think it will find a new home after DJ leaves for college. Knowing when to stop dumping money into a car is the trick, isn't it? And when you figure that trick out, let me know!


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