Thursday, April 10, 2014

Food Shopping With Sluggy

Since everyone has been clammering for me to do another little video, here ya go!

This is a film of my grocery shopping trip on Wednesday.
If you shop at Weis(PMITA)Markets, pay attention.......




  1. The expensive cheese ended up being just $.27 more than a chunk of Kraft! No one has limited my sodium, but when I want ham, I limit my sodium the day before, the day I eat it, and the day after and watch my ankle on one foot swell anyway. However, I rarely eat ham...maybe twice a year? I have been limiting my sodium on my own, just because for over 35 years, but I just go nuts for sodium some

    That was a good demonstration of how to shop for things one can rarely buy.

  2. We shop the same way, can't imagine just paying whatever the store normally charges.

  3. I suspect you have never shopped at AJ's.

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