Monday, March 3, 2014

Net Worth March 1st

Thanks in large part to Hub's bonus, our net worth increased $31,479.11 from February 1st. 
Of course this accounts for a decrease of $1,735.18 from January 1st to February 1st(temporary setback), so really it's an $29,743.93 increase since January 1st.

We don't include the college funds or the value of our home in our net worth calculations, mainly because the college monies aren't going to be spent on our retirement and the home is not a liquid asset since we have to have somewhere to live.

Retirement funds are up $8759.72 since January 1st as well.  Not increasing very much since we moved them out of  riskier/volatile funds, as we are too close to retirement to chance losing money.
Otherwise we'd be seeing better gains here.

With only a few years until retirement we are closing in on the 1 million $ mark proving once again, it pays to not spend all your money on the here and now.
Plus it pays to have a really healthy income as well and a wife who sees value in saving money whenever/wherever possible, even when spending on "life". ;-)

So don't forget to FEED YOUR PIG each and every month.
Don't let her/him waste away from financial malnutrition.

For help and guidance on how to save, check this site out HERE.




  1. Once again, Sluggy, I regret not having met you when I lived in PA. I could have learned so much from your wisdom. What an accomplishment to have saved that much money. That's fantastic! When we had a healthy income back then, our main goal was to pay off debt, which we did and that was good, but we should have been putting just as much effort into building our savings.

  2. If you do a reverse mortgage, your home is a valuable asset during retirement. Not all reverse mortgages are bad. But you must be careful. Don't take a lump sum and make sure your spouse is on the agreement (other wise they'd be kicked out after your death)
    Just a thought.

  3. Woohoo! Congrats!! That is awesome, and the result of years of great decision making.

  4. And, I say again, her husband is lucky to have her.

  5. Look at you go go go. Many congrats! My piggy is of the athletic kind... he has to work hard for the money, and it's usually not a lot. But I'd rather do bit by bit than delay altogether and start with bigger chunks later in life.

  6. Ahhhh the lovely $1,000,000 mark. When Den started at his job and the way things were going in the good old days, it was projected that he would have a million when he hit 40. Well, he;s 40 and we aren't close. Darn it all. Just gotta keep plugging away at it.
    And congrats to you and hubs!!! I can't wait to hear about all of the adventures you have in retirement.


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