Monday, March 17, 2014

May the Devil Know Them From Their Limping

And if you know the rest of that Irish toast, you are my kind of people!

Well I bugged out of Delaware just in time, beating the snow storm that came east.
I arrived home at 4pm and never hit any precipitation along the way.
This storm passed through Pennsylvania too but didn't spread to the northern environs were I live.
I'm sorry my new friends Todd and Ann Marie who had planned on staying through Monday had to leave Lewes early. 8-(

Anyway, I napped when I got home yesterday from the Bloggerpalooza II and I will spend today catching up on my sleep with another nap later this afternoon.
I'll be back tomorrow with my "This Week on the Dining Table" post.  Yes, I'll be a day late but nothing new for me, right? lolz

Instead of raising a pint(or five)today, I'll be drying out from my trip to Bloggerpalooza II.
It goes against all my Gaelic DNA but it must be done.

I'll leave you, this fine, but chilly, Saint Patrick's Day with a musical interlude from Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis that I "heart" alot.


From all my O'Brien, McCarthy, Kelleher, O'Neal, Bowman, Redfern, McGovern, Healey, Roche, Forrester/Foster, Carey, Chaplin, Flippen, Cashion, Claiborne and all the other unknown-to-me at this time Irish Ancestors.

To my new friends from Bloggerpalooza I'll lift my glass and toast you all....

"May the hinges on our friendship never grow rusty."




  1. Maybe some post you can explain the genesis of Bloggerpalooza and the purpose, not that you have to have one or even have carried through. I thought maybe it was regional and well-established until I saw a Canadian and II. I am sure you will tell us that story well. Thanks.

    You are lucky to have missed so much white precipitation going and coming. My St. Patrick's day will be spent in bed. Too bad some of those guys cannot serenade me or keep me company.

    Oh, never mind. I am too sick for falderal. Besides, I would just infect company.

    1. Linda, It's simply a gathering of blogger buddies started by a gentleman called Ron who blogs at "Retired in Delaware". He pulled together a gathering last year and it was so successful that #2 was planned for this past weekend. Will there be a third gathering? I hope so. 8-)

  2. Hey, I have Foster ancestors. My mom is a Foster. We must be related!!! I so happy!!! (Yes, that is an intentionally incorrectly written sentence.)

    1. Frances, I have Fosters on both sides of my family. Mom's are the English Protestant variety, Dad's are the Irish Catholic variety. Mom's side came to Va but some of them went down to settle in South Carolina and it's very possible that some of them may have migrated west into TN. You'll have to email me so we can compare notes. ;-)

      That would be freaky if we found we ARE related like Sonya and I did last summer....

  3. yeah, well, that's the way life goes.

    I too am drying out today and not drinking; my liver cannot handle any more from the exciting weekend!

    it was good to see friends old and new! :)

    1. Well maybe y'all can come visit here later this year....not as far as DE and Hubs brews his own beer. Did that get Todd's attention? lol

    2. why, that would be nice! thank you for the invite! we shall see what we can do.

  4. It sure was a great weekend. I'm so happy I got to meet you!

  5. Glad you got home s&s. Happy the snow didn't start in Baltimore until around 7:00. Spo's flight was more or less on time but I saw this morning that BWI was reporting 7.3" of snow in the previous 12 hours


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