Saturday, March 29, 2014

Last of the Rite-Aid Haul for This Week

Back up to Rite-Aid this morning.

They were out of the Axe 'Poo so I got 2 Dove Men's Body Wash instead.....

2 x Dove Men's Body Wash on sale=$7.00

I used 2 x $2/1 Dove Men's Body Wash ManuQ=$4.00
I used 1 of my $2 +Up Rewards I received yesterday.....
$7-$4Qs-$2+Up=$1.00 OOP

I had my $1.06 all ready to pay(6% tax in PA)and the register only charged me $1, no tax.
Weird, huh?
I guess karma kicked in from the register overcharging me by .12¢ on one of my transactions earlier in the week.

So who am I to argue with a machine?...I paid $1.00  ;-)
And I received another $2 +Up Rewards for buying these 2 items.

Here are all the products I bought this week at Rite-Aid, in one photo.....

21 items consisting of shampoo, body wash and deodorant.
Regular retail of $131.59.
I paid $10.66, including tax of .78¢, out of pocket for it all.
That comes out to paying just a bit more than .50¢ per item.

I also have rain checks for Axe and Dove Men's shampoo to get 4 more bottles for a grand total of $1.06 more(after coupons).

Not a bad week's work.

I think we are set for men's toiletries for awhile.  8-)))

I've already got my plan for next week to roll the +Up Rewards I have left($4)--

3 transactions buying 2 shampoos, 2 deodorants, bottle of pain killer and 2 bottles of dish soap and I should spend a whole $2.57 w/tax for it all and have a $2 +Up Reward leftover at the end of it all.

Stay tuned.....



  1. I am fascinated always by soaps, lotions and other toiletries with the words 'for men' on them. Isn't it all the same stuff put into a less girlie package? And is it more or less expensive than the 'for women"?
    Or - there really is a difference between men and women shampoos - and what could that be?

    1. Diff. between men's and women's products-besides the women's stuff having more flowery or fruity scents is just probably the packaging. To get men to buy something, it's all about the packaging....much like women. It's all a head game really I think.

      I know that most services and products for women the cost is more.....viz dry cleaning costs, hair services, the cost of women's clothing. I have never stopped to ponder whether women's standard toiletries are more compared to men's. Hmmmm....

  2. !!!! I bow to your shopping mastery!

    1. Aw shucks.....smarter than the average bear, I am!


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