Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Friday at the Bloggerpalooza II....Hijinxs in Milton & Beyond--Part II

**Blogger had been misbehaving the last few days for me("bad Blogger, bad!), so let's try this again.**

Friday late afternoon, after our DFH Brewery excursion(and adventure!) we repaired to the Hospitality Suite at the Inn for cocktails and conversation......and meeting old friends, and for newbies to the Bloggerpalooza(like me), meeting new friends.

Here's Jay and Doug saying "Howdy"....

anne marie and Cubby exchanging greetings while Randy looks on.....

Here are before and after shots of Randy.
Randy went and got his cowboy hat from his room so he looked the proper Nebraska farm/ranch boy.....

Then he showed us the "modification" he made to the hat's ribbon.....Can you see the rainbow?....

I think that hat is very becoming on you Randy!

Then Dr. Spo played bartender and went on the quest to fix the "perfect martini"......

 "Now where did I put that strainer?" he said as he rummaged through the cabinets, while Tim munched on some goodies.....

 Measuring out the vermouth just least I THINK it was vermouth..... ;-)

Doesn't he look the bartender part, wearing a Dos Locos Restaurant employees shirt?

And to prove that I was there, here's a picture of me......

Soon it was time to leave for our dinner reservation at La Quetzalteca Restaurant in Millsboro Delaware.

We decided to convoy in 3 vehicles, since the only one who knew how to get there was Ron.  So we loaded up my minivan(since it could transport a good share of people) and Doug & Dr. Spo loaded up their rental car with a couple more folks and we headed out. (Mark and Fred were going there directly from the two-bit motel we stayed at, since they just arrived in town, so Ron was on the phone with them the whole way guiding them safely to the eatery.) 

Ron was on the phone talking to Mark/Fred the whole way, while Randy was making conversation in the backseat of Pat's tiny Fiat, and Ron was giving Pat, who was driving, directions to our
destination.  We all had a fun filled adventure getting there, but we all arrived safe and sound.  

And once they got Randy unfolded from the Fiat we went into dine.  Randy is one tall drink of water, as they say, and how he got into that car I will never know! lol

**I lovingly referred to Pat's car afterwards as the "clown car", as it reminded me of those novelty circus cars where you see an improbable number of clowns emerge from them.  Note to self--recommend we play party games next Bloggerpalooza and use Pat's clown car for a "how many people can we shove in a vehicle" game since you can't find a phone booth much anymore in this country. hehehe

After a short period milling around near the bar..........

 Cubby, Pat and Randy mill....

 Doug and Java chat while Cubby captures memories for posterity

   Mark and Jay duel it out with "serious cameras" while Fred mediates


  Tim(back to camera) and Dr. Spo consider their "options"--Mexican beer or fruity cocktails-whatever did you think I meant?!?

 While some of us watched the hot! MMA fighters in tight shorts "going at it" on the bar television.......

 er......After waiting on our reserved tables(which hadn't been set up yet), they were ready and we set down to dine.

The chips and salsa, as well as conversations flowed freely.

       Java, Cubby, Tim, Doug(hiding from my camera)

       There, that's better Doug.....your smiling face!

Randy and Dr. Spo....checking his fan email no doubt(or checking an APP on his phone for a calorie counter--how else does he keep his figure so svelte?!)

And no, Dr. Spo is NOT preparing to preform a Peruvian Bottle Dance with that rather large bottle of Negro Modelo that he appears to be balancing on his head in that shot.

Pat at the other end of the table looking pensive.  That's Fred's ear on the left and Ron's hand appears to be grabbing Mark's nose.
This is what happens when "rookies" like me take candid photos.  Either that or they had some strange game going on down the far end of the table! 8-)

Here's a better shot.....(l to r)anne marie, Jay, Pat, Ron & Mark

While we waited for our dinners to be prepared, the restaurant management sent over a Mariachi Band to serenade us........

Ok, so it was a fake band on the wall over our tables.  C'mon!....use your imagination people!

Soon enough, dinner showed up in waves, balanced on our waiter's arms....

    Ron took this nice shot that I stole.....because I do that when push comes to shove. ;-)

Some of us received complimentary facials with our meals, like Dr. Spo.....
 Tim and Doug back away from the out! It's HOT!!

Dr. Spo savoring the end of his beauty treatment......

No photos once the food came.  We were starving!  No time for camera now.....

I lifted this other shot off of Ron's blog post too since I didn't have any photos of the dinner with me in them......

       (l to r)Fred, Sluggy, Java, Cubby, Tim, Randy, Todd

After paying our bills we headed back into the vehicles and convoyed back to the Hospitality Suite at the Inn for more convos and cocktails.

   The Motto of the Weekend acted out by Tim, Cubby and Doug...."What happens in Lewes, Stays in Lewes"

Jay enjoying some of his Burley Oak Beer and munchies while Ron looks on and Dr. Spo is hard at work again preparing libations.
Must be something in that shirt, huh? Dr. Spo.

Ron modeling the new Spo Shirt Dr. Spo made him.  Yes, men can sew too.  From one old hand at sewing to another, we shall have to compare notes in the future.

Nice shirt there Ron!  Reminds me of  Van Gogh's "Starry Night".

Randy shows Fred just how big something(or is that someone?!)was...... ;-)

And then things got silly sillier.......

Dr. Spo decides to lounge after the whisky(no rubbish!)takes effect......

I am such the lady that I am NOT even going to try to caption this shot. 8-0

I think everyone in this photo is feeling no pain. (l to r back-Tim, Cubby, Doug, Randy, front-Dr. Spo prone)

The clock struck midnight and I hurried back to my motel before turning into a pumpkin.
Tomorrow's activities started bright and early on Saturday so I needed to sober up get some rest if I was going to fully participate in what lay ahead.

Saturday's report when and if Blogger decides to behave in the coming days.....



  1. OMG!!! That looks like it was a blast.

    1. Honey, you don't know the Half of it! I am still trying to sober up....lolz

  2. Y'all managed to squash a lot of fun into this trip. Now, I want one down here!

    1. Yes, it was short but intense and so so unpredictable.

  3. That was truly a fun, enjoyable read. I feel that I was there with you. Looking forward to the next day's adventure.

    1. It was fun...almost too much fun.
      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Looks like Dr. Spo is on fire at the restaurant, did anyone call 911?

    1. No need for 911....there were enough diners there who would have volunteered to put out his flames....hehehe

  5. Jealous... jealous... jealous.... This looks like fun.

    Would you please tell Mark that he doesn't let me read his blog anymore (how did this happen? Did I fail to apply for something?) and I miss keeping up with him. I feel like I'm being kept out of the cool kids club.

    1. It was fun!
      And Mark stopped blogging awhile back....just not enough hours in his day I think.

  6. we had "jolly good fun (no rubbish)", as dr. spo would say!

  7. Too cool! Looks way fun. Great photos. Gotta love the "facial"! That is some seriously hot meal!

    1. seriously steamy....and from what those diners said, seriously good eats too.

  8. Terrific pics. Thanks for sharing. Hmmm Dr Spo sitting a restaurant table looking at his iPhone. I have certainly never seen that before.


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