Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Crazy Weather Happening Today/Tomorrow

It hit 42 here yesterday.  I actually opened the kitchen window to get some fresh air into the too warm house.

Today it's suppose to hit 62 degrees.
Then tomorrow night it's suppose to drop to 16 degrees.
Crazy time!

Thursday, the day I am leaving for a trip to Delaware it's going to be a HIGH of 18 degrees here and snow possible.
I am bugging out of town just in time.....

Rehoboth is suppose to be a balmy 33 on Thursday and go up to 50 by Saturday.
It ain't 70 but I'll take it considering the alternative.  ;-)

I am in full prep mode here.
I have surprises to bring to this Blogger Gathering which I have almost finished gathering/making.
Pictures will be forthcoming after the weekend is over.

Now I've been pulling what I plan on wearing to the shindig from my closet.  I even cleaned the insoles in my shoes, lest my stinky feet offend anyone. lol
Today I'll actually be SEWING.....yes, don't y'all all faint at once.  Sluggy is going to sew!! 8-0

I have a couple of tops I bought from  this cool designer/maker of rayon batik clothing but they are just too long for me!  Heck, I could practically wear them as dresses.
So I've cut them a bit and we'll see how far I get with the actual sewing today.

I still have to hit Rite-Aid(to spend +Ups)and the bank(to get cash)this week before I leave.

I went to the grocery store yesterday to stock up Hubs and #2 Son for the week and spent $81.

And I can't even recall what little bit I bought!
Dang it, food is just getting ridiculously expensive.

Well I am off to throw open some windows and curtains and let the sunshine and fresh air in.
I'm hoping the rest of the snow will melt today too....hey, I can dream can't I? lolz

What's the weather doing where you are?



  1. 75 today
    58 tonight
    63 Wed and Thu
    18 W and Th nights
    high 60s days for a week
    high 30s at night for the next week
    with daffodils all over

  2. Weather is on another bipolar round. It's not bitter cold, which is nice, and the sun, when it does come out, is warm. Otherwise, it's just cloudy, cold and windy. We're expecting T-storms tomorrow, high 68, then dropping to 30's, going back to 50's. I swear, US people probably get sick more often because of weather like this... every so often I miss the year-round 76-82 degree weather.

    1. I feel like I do (I live in the US, KC to be specific). My poor head can't handle the pressure/temp changes. Even my doctor said the extreme up & down's bother him.

  3. Here is Ohio we are getting similar weather to what you are...yesterday it was 55, today it is supposed to be 62, then tomorrow rain turning to snow and temp dropping throughout the day low of 6 tomorrow night, then 20s on Thursday, then back to 45-50 on Friday. Wish the weather would make up it's mind!

    Have a safe trip! :)

  4. Wish I was going with you, sounds like such fun. You actually washed your insoles? I just spray mine with febreeze!

  5. Yesterday reached 79 and sunny. 12 hours later I drove to work in 29 degrees. I'm miserable in this weather.. pounding head, sinus pressure, etc.

  6. Have a great and safe trip and do nothing that I would do!!!!


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