Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bloggers and Fishes and Bear(Hugs), Oh My!

I woke this morning to snow, wind and temps hovering at around 10 degrees Fahrenheit in Northeast PA.
Not the best of weather in which to travel by Slugmobile.

So I waited until the sun came out and then went forth......with trepidation in my heart....

Driving the PA Turnpike is a thrill a minute.   Between the road construction, oversized tractor trailers exceeding the speed limit and tailgating you in the left lane and the high winds that were glorious today(ha!) it's better than any amusement park thrill ride.

And by 10:30 am I hit the Turnpike Tunnel.

This is the tunnel through a mountain and Allentown is on the other side.
The longstanding joke in our family is that it can be blizzarding on the northern side of this tunnel but as soon as you come out the southern end, the sun is shining and grass is sprouting.
Yep, the weather had a bipolar moment the second I came out of that tunnel on the southern end.

As soon as I got down into the King of Prussia/Philly section I started to enjoy the drive much more.
I unclenched my jaw  and I stopped grinding my teeth.

By Noon I passed into Wilmington Delaware.  I decided not to hit the TOTAL WINE store since I got such a late start.

The weather got a tad warmer and the traffic thinned out by the time I hit the St. George's bridge.....

I quick stop for a lunch sandwich and before you know it I start seeing signs......

Heck, even every duck in the state was along Route 1 to welcome me into town.....

They must have heard about the Bloggerpalooza and wanted an invite too!

I got to town too early to check-in so some shopping was in order.
I hit a couple select clothing outlets nearby to get duds for #2 Son, the Mart for some bottle water for me and a liquor store for......*ahem*.......liquid provisions......

A short while after checking into my motel and letting a few folks know I had arrived safely, I heard someone thumping on my door.
It was Jay in VA and Randy in NEB come to chauffeur me to the Inn to meet up with some of the others who had arrived already.
Jay and Randy scooped me up on their way to the Inn to check in so I got to hang out in their room.

I took in the canal view from the balcony ......

I got back in and of course they are messing with the electronics and the wifi like a couple of proper technogeeks. lol

What do you do in an elevator?
Why, you take a selfie......

Ignore that women's rather large nostrils in your face please......

I think Jay liked my "stop by Burley Oak Brewing and drink a bit on the way to Lewes" suggestion, don't you? ;-)

Java appeared, as did Ron and Pat and we had hugs all round.

Note to self--next year, remember to bring a step stool when it's "hug time", as all these folks make me look like a Hobbit in comparison!

We commandeered the front desk clerk who was subbing for Ron T.'s shift to take our photo so we could preserve this moment for posterity.....about 5 shots on 5 different camera/phones....

     (l to r-Pat from Toronto, Randy in NEB, Java Jones, Ron T., Sluggy & Jay in VA)

We hiked en masse over to Striper Bites for an evening of food, libation(some of us)and camaraderie.
When in a place with art like this on the walls, it would behoove one to eat fish tacos and crab bisque soup....and that just what I did.

Ron T. and Randy in NEB checking the latest Round Robin of photos.....

Speaking of photos, did I mention that we pestered the waitress to take our photo with multiple cameras/phones?

After an evening of good food and good conversation(and me spilling half my meal down my shirt), we started the task of splitting and paying our bills. 

I'll just let you make up your own scenario for this shot.  Is Jay in pain, falling asleep on his feet or doing his Godfather impersonation?

Marlon or Jay? decide.....

Another brisk walk in the brisk night air back to the Inn and one more photo op before Jay drove me back to the motel.....

More arrivees on the morrow and more good times on the horizon.

My bed is calling me.
I am wiped.



  1. Hmmm, how tall are you? Or, are they giants? It looks like you are having fun before it starts.

    1. I am vertically challenged and everyone IS at least over 4 foot tall. Some of us just barely.

  2. Sounds like fun! I must do that someday. Even if just for the fun of eating out and going to the TOTAL WINE store!

    1. Well if you come down to visit me Jane, I guarantee to take you to TOTAL WINE.
      Of course I don't promise I'll have room for you for the trip home in the minivan once I fill it up with adult beverages....hehehe

  3. My husband must have been right in your neighborhood when he lived in Philly, he talks about all those places. Don't have too much fun, you are by far the smartest dressed with that hat.

    1. None of those places are anywhere Near Philly, except the tunnel is an hour south of me and I ain't in Philly. lolz

      Hubs must have gotten around while in PA!

      And I will attempt NOT to have too much fun, as my poor back and legs will remind me to slow down.

  4. You do such a fine job I only have to refer my readers to you!

    1. You shall receive my bill in a fortnight Dr. Spo. Or perhaps we can exchanged professional services??

  5. I bet you are having a wild and crazy time!!!!!!

  6. Lol..."a hobbit in comparison." Too funny.

    Do you actually wear that winter hat in public? Will your children be seen with you wearing it? :)


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