Thursday, March 20, 2014

Au Revoir St. Denis

Well there will be no converting a Church into a home, a B&B or a brewpub in my immediate future.

Though it would have been awesome, especially since this church/parish was called St. Denis'(it was opened as a mission church under the moniker St. John the Baptist in 1889, but soon became St. Denis and served the Irish Catholic immigrant population from 1900 until 2002 ). 

When I found out the name of this church, I immediately thought that a church called St. Denis would make the perfect place to brew beer, since the name Denis/Dennis is derived from the Greek god Dionysius, who is the god of wine and feasting.

Had we opened a brewpub in it, my oldest brother, Dennis, would have looked down from Heaven upon the venture and smiled.  8-)

But this one is not to be.

Mine tunnels underground, the money that would have had to have been spent to get this place up to snuff, and the unknown condition of the rectory house(and it's costs)is beside the point.
When you come down to the core of the matter--we just don't want to live in this part of Pennsylvania in retirement.

Plain and simple.

Had I grown up here I might have a soft spot for this area but I feel much like The Grinch as my heart feels two sizes too small when I think about this place.

So that's that.

But much to Hubs chagrin, I do have another plan incubating in my little pea brain.
About that, all will be revealed in due time.....



  1. When you first mentioned this idea, I did a search and found the listing. I saw where it was located and I couldn't imagine you being happy there. You made the right decision. We like to dream too. We have our eyes on a house that's really unusual. Why we're drawn to it we have no idea. It was built in 1945 and was originally a grocery store.

  2. oh goody, goody another Sluggy idea. See how I live vicariously through your life? Need to get one of my own.

  3. Ooooooh I like the idea of a pub in a church - that's the rebel in me!

  4. The best laid plans...glad you did your due diligence, and made an informed decision.

    Peace <3

  5. ...we shall be waiting with baited breath....

  6. the suspense is killing me; I hope it lasts.

  7. Sounds like it could have been cool but things work out the way they are meant to sometimes. Now you can focus on the new idea.

  8. I have built a couple of homes, but never done a major remodel. I have a soft spot for industrial space converted to living space. Someday.

  9. Sounds like the best reason of all to put the kibosh on... looks like you've got some people on the edge of their seats waiting for the next adventure.

  10. "since the name Denis/Dennis is derived from the Greek god Dionysius, who is the god of wine and feasting."-And that explains Dennis completely.
    I cant wait to hear about your next plan. Something will work out.

    1. If that explains your Dennis, that explains me too! lolz


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