Monday, September 2, 2013

This Week on The Dining Table

This Week on The Dining Table

Here's what was planned last week--
Sunday--Broccoli/Chicken Quiche
Monday--Broccoli Cheddar Soup, Fresh Baked Bread
Tuesday--BLT Sandwiches(garden tomatoes)
Wednesday--Eggplant prepared some way?, Tossed Salad
Thursday--Broccoli Casserole, Caprese Salad(garden toms)
Friday--Green Beans, Leftover Quiche

We didn't get around to the Eggplant, Caprese salad or Broccoli Casserole.  We had burgers one night and ate green beans another night as well as Friday and had an Asian Salad.  We also got Chinese take-out one evening.  Items we didn't eat are getting moved to this week's menu.
As for food spending last reported a couple days ago in the August Food Spending report I spent $125.05 on groceries.  Most of that was for stuff to eat this week.
No food waste this week thank goodness.
Leftovers going into this week?  1 quiche which is getting cut in half and wrapped and put in the freezer for another time.  We only need half of one to feed us all for 1 meal.  The second London broil I got on the BOGO sale that we aren't cooking today is also getting cut in half and wrapped for the freezer.  Again, we'll only need half of it per meal/week.  I still have eggplant, cukes and green beans from the garden to cook this week.  The only cooked/served last week food here still is 1 loaf of the bread I made.

Here's this week's meal plan---
Sunday--Hot Dogs on rolls(leftover), homemade Pickles
Monday--London Broil sandwiches with mushrooms and onions, Salad
Tuesday--BLT Sandwiches(garden tomatoes)
Wednesday--Leftover London Broil & Green Bean stirfry
Thursday--Eggplant Parmesan, Caprese Salad
Friday--Tacos, Corn
Saturday--leftovers or Fend for Yourself Night

On the shopping list......We splurged on lobsters at $6.99lb. for lunch on Monday so I've spent $30.54 already this week.  Still needed for this menu is fresh mozzarella, salad greens, turkey deli meat and nothing else that I can think of at the moment.
I'm figuring about $25 more for food spending this week, not counting any good stocking up deals.

That's what's appearing on the kitchen table this week here at Chez Sluggy. 
 What's getting fixed and served at your house this week?



  1. I have lost 3.8 lbs this first week of changing my life. It's no diet. I eat well and eat junk. I am sitting here starving, wishing the chicken breasts were cooked. So, it is chicken breasts for the rest of the week, lots of fruit salad with Miracle Whip in it. Vegetables--romaine, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes. Nothing new.

    I found ripe volunteer grapes in my yard. The hens lay eggs. I have basil ready to cut. There will be meals, food will be consumed.

    Spanish Rice is something I am craving, so I can make that with some of the chicken. YUM

  2. This entry is making me hungry. I don't know what Hubby is making but I am sure it will be good.


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