Monday, September 23, 2013

Online Shopping.....Got Me Some Deals!

Last weekend, while I was stuck sitting or laying around the house due to my foot I did some online shopping.

#2 Son needed new clothes as I hadn't bought him any since getting him some cargo shorts in the Spring.  He hadn't grown much but all his duds were wearing out.
So I sat him down last weekend on the edge of my bed and made him pick out stuff.  I must say that this method is much easier than trying to take him to the store and wait for him to point at something and grunt at me.  8-)

So we shopped and I added a couple of items in the old shopping basket for myself and I checked out virtually.

Here's what we got.....

3 x Cargo Pants  Reg. $52.00 pr.  on sale $29.99 pr.
2 x Band T-Shirts  Reg. $20.00 ea.  on sale $14.99 ea.
1 x Henley thermal Shirt  Reg. $25.00  on sale $14.99
2 x L/S T-Shirt  Reg. $20.00 ea.  on sale $9.99 ea.
1 x Women's Nightgown Reg. $36.00  on sale $20.99
1 x Women's Sweater  Reg. $40.00  on sale $28.00

Regular retail total was $337.00
Sale subtotal was $203.91

I had a code for an additional 25% off which brought the total down another $50.98 so my total was $152.93.  (The total for #2's stuff was $116.19.)

I got free shipping because the total was over $75 AND I got $30 in Kohl's Cash, so I'll get another $30 worth of clothing for free.

Then #2 Son couldn't wait for these clothes to arrive so he went up to Kohl's and spent another $120 something on 2 more pairs of pants, 3 more shirts and a jacket.  He got some good deals but he didn't get the 25% off I got online....sigh.
And he earned another $20 in Kohl's Cash so now I have $50 in that script to get him some more garments.  I'll probably pick up some underwear and socks and who know what else for him.

So around $236 for a complete wardrobe for the teen.
Not too bad for things he needed.
And we are good now on clothes for him until Summer weather 2014.



  1. Cargo shorts in the winter in PA is a wardrobe? We actually do wear shorts all winter except for about three winter days in my part of AL.

    Does he shop for a good deal with your money to get more clothing? Or, does getting things cheaply thrill him as much as it does many of us?

    I am going to look into Kohl's online today and see how prices are compared to other stores around here.

    1. Though he would probably wear shorts all year, the cargo shorts were bought in the Spring for him to wear during this past Summer. All the pants we bought last week were long ones.
      Since it's not HIS $ the teen doesn't care about getting a deal if it was coming out of his pocket I am sure he's buy less and be more prudent on how much he spent. That's why I hardly ever sent him alone to clothes shop. Last week was an exception due to my foot. 8-(

  2. I like Kohls online. I shop there too much. I have less and less patience tj actually go to the store.

  3. Eep, we must be in the same wave length. I woke up this morning, not yet wanting to take my winter clothes out (even though it's fairly cold), but thought I *really* need to go shopping for fall stuff. Last time I went clothes shopping was last winter.

  4. Love shopping after the season and getting deals! Good job!

  5. Congrats on your bargains. I have never shopped Kohl's online. I should check it out. I hate shopping in Kohl's stores because they have way too many variables in determining what something costs for me weak mind


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