Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Of Feet, Floors, Flora & Furniture

Not to moan again but I can hardly put weight on my left foot today so I am heading back to bed shortly and taking a pill for the pain as the last one I took this am is wearing off.  First to feed and put out the doggies though.

I got the garden eggplants breaded and cooked this morning, so I just have to throw them together with some mozzarella and sauce later and bake it off and we will have achieved eggplant parmesan.

Yesterday our beagle, Cherry, had surgery.  She has had a large fatty tumor on her side by her hind leg and it started impeding her movement last week so we had it taken off.  The vet also removed a much smaller fatty growth on the opposite hip/side and a new growth on her tale at it's base.  The tale tumor concerned the vet(might be cancerous)so we had him send that one off for biopsy.
But Cherry is home and being her old silly self again.......

And there goes another $589 we weren't expecting to shell out this month.  Sigh.

Yesterday was beastly hot here so I was/am glad that the new a/c system is working again....yah!!

I spent a good part of yesterday out on the back deck painting 8 long strips of crown molding.  I was trying to get that finished before Gary the handyman showed up to install it.  I got 2 coats on it all and Gary never showed up....figures. lol

But the floor guys were back yesterday(Tuesday) and they finished laying the new bamboo floor in the dining/living rooms.....

And the finished product.....

Now we have to get new baseboard moldings, paint them and wait for the floor guys to come back to install that(as well as the crown moldings laying on the floor).
I also have to touch up spots on the new paint job where the flooring guys marked up the wall(about 18" from the floor)while laying the floor. ugh.

I also picked a nice mess o' beans yesterday from the garden.....

I added this to the mess o' maters, more beans, broccoli and eggplants I picked last weekend.....

The broccoli has already been made into soup and most of the maters have been peeled and cooked down so I will can them tonight after dinner.  I also need to blanch and freezer a lot of the green beans as well.
The tomato crop this year has been phenomenal!  The plants haven't grown leggy and tall but have been heavy with fruit.  No blight this year and the rainfall has been even enough through the season that we don't have many of those split tomatoes you get when the rainfall is uneven throughout the Summer.  Our neighbor has commented on how much we have grown on the plants and is angling for some freebies since he never does well with his maters.  He's a great guy so we'll have Hubs walk some over to him tonight while I finish up canning/freezing what I need to do.

I spent a chunk of time yesterday while resting from painting the molding and sitting in the a/c house looking at area rugs online.   I have one for the living room but I need to pick up one for the dining room but after viewing about 5,600 rugs my eyes started glazing over.  I didn't see anything that I loved that was a reasonable price but then again, I am not really sure what I want in that space yet.
So the search for the perfect dining room rug continues.....

Speaking of dining rooms......Salvation Army showed up with their truck this morning at 8:20am to take away my oak dining room table/chairs and buffet.  It was time to let it go and move on.  I admit I was sad to see it go(though I did want it gone)as I bought that set in 1988.  The top of that table still didn't have a single scratch on it after 25 years, 3 kids, and a heluva lot of Holiday meals.
The style fit into our first home well but it was never really "my style" and I am anxious to find something that is a better reflection of my tastes.  I hope someone finds many more years of enjoyment with it.

Off to feed pooches now and rest my foot.



  1. love the floors! doing our bedroom soon in a few weeks, also with bamboo. affordable and sustainable. love em!

  2. Glad to hear Cherry is doing well after surgery. That is a LOT of tomatoes! No wonder you picked the wallpaper for your blog. The bamboo looks very nice. So new and bright and shiny!

  3. Have you thought of getting a cane or walker to get over this foot thing more quickly and without more damage to foot? A day or two of no pressure might help you heal faster? But, I am not a nurse or doctor, so what do I know?

    I had to have a cane and walker after surgery on my knee. I kept both for ten years then donated them. Less than two months later, I needed both! At my age, I intend to keep the two canes I have now and the walker I will need for the other knee.

    I now have two canes--one for indoor use and another to walk in chicken yard and mud around the yard.

    The harvest is impressive and looks delicious.

    I have had the same dining room furniture, mostly used in the kitchen that I bought in 1968. Without a dining room in use, I cannot see ever getting another. I liked the one you got rid of and cannot wait to see the new one.

  4. Maybe you can compare pharmaceutical effects with Cherry? We had a border collie who grew fatty tumors and we had them removed periodically too. One was on her tail. She ended up dying of cancer and it was totally unrelated to any of the fatty tumors she developed throughout her life. Some dogs just grow lypomas and there is nothing you can do about it. It's said they occur in older dogs but Woody started getting them at around 5-7 years of age and that isn't old in my book.

  5. Your produce is making me jealous! Time to get new plants - I'm in the perfect place to grow pretty much year round. I picked our first avocado, so excited to try that tonight with tacos. :-) We've been making orange juice, & using the lemons. Persimmons still aren't ripe.

  6. Your floor and your produce are beautiful! I hope you and doggy both feel better soon. It's amazing what we will spend on our pets; but they are part of the family.

  7. It seems to me that we are competing to see who can spend more money this month.

  8. The floors look great! I hope you start feeling better soon. What great looking produce!

  9. Don't you just love bamboo floors? We put that in our bedroom when we re-did it a year or so ago. I've read through your last few posts--sure do hope you are feeling better soon. I thought I was having a rough time but I've had it easy compared to you. Take care of yourself!! Hope Cherry's biopsy comes back clean. Have a great weekend.

  10. Thanks you for this write, i m enjoyed thanks you, masko


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