Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WTF is Up With the USPS?!?

I'll tell y'all I am real upset right now with my local US Postal Service.

I had 2 giveaway boxes to mail off when I returned home from the Great Summer Road Trip of 2013.
One to Judy for winning the Boring Blog Box Giveaway and one to Linda for winning the School Supplies Giveaway.
So I packed everything up, printed out shipping labels and scheduled a Mail Carrier pickup for Monday, August 26th.
And Hubs put the boxes out on the front porch that morning at 7am.

And come 7pm at night, those boxes were still sitting on my front porch.
I checked at 3pm and the mail carrier had been by and left mail in the mailbox and had not taken the packages.  I left them out for 4 more hours after that, since if it's a heavy mail day, my regular carrier will circle back around to get packages after she finishes her route.

Still no pick-up by 7pm so I brought the boxes in and figured it was a substitute carrier that day.  This has happened before with subs.....they either forget to pick-up packages or they don't get the paperwork for it for some reason.

So I went back online to reschedule the carrier pick-up for Tuesday, Aug. 27th.

I get up this morning and check my email and this is what was in my inbox from the fine folks at the USPS......I have blacked out my name/address.   Click on it to embiggen.

Yes, it's an email confirmation that the USPS picked up my 2 packages on Aug. 26th, received in my inbox at 4:12 am.

But guess what is still sitting out on my front porch??

Click on the second photo to embiggen and read the note I left.....

I also emailed the USPS and complained about the slack service and downright lying to their customers.

It's no wonder I hate dealing with large corporations......



  1. The USPS is special... I don't think they should be bundled with large corporations.

    That said, I think it's hilarious they said they picked it up but haven't. If they are at all responsible, they should be able to track who "picked up" the packages and go from there. Makes you wonder what packages were picked...

  2. I sent a package out in July with delivery confirmation. Tracking has shown "notice left" since July 31. I'm assuming my customer picked it up at the post office because if she hadn't, it would have been returned to me by now and/or I would have heard from her. The Postal clerk probably just handed it to her without scanning it even though I put "scan before delivery" stickers on all my packages. If she was devious, she could say she never got it and I'd be screwed.

  3. I sent a Priority package that took nine days to get to NYC from a town near here. It was sent to another town near here and sat for another week. It was finally deemed "missent" and sent off to daughter. What they don't know is I am a mystery shopper for USPS!

    I sent her another package last week that was "undeliverable as addressed." It is on its way back to me. It had better be my screwup this time. Of course, I never do secret shopping in my own town.

    About a year ago I addressed a package:

    Her name
    my address
    my city, her zip code

    It was delivered to her! They must have had someone willing to deliver it even though I got it all wrong. whew!

    She keeps asking me when the package from you is getting to her. I told her I would not ask you or pus you. Now, I know. She can use that package for her daughter's school use instead of son since she takes him to his school this Sunday.

    Just last month, I received a package that had shipping instructions "leave on porch." The substitute wrote "no porch" on the notice he left me to pick it up at the PO. Yes, just because the front porch is not usable, he could follow the walk to the side porch. But, that would have required too much effort. My regular postal deliverer said lots of people had complaints about that guy. Guess he won't be there long.

  4. Hmmmmm, now not to think like a criminal or anything but if you had it insured and they think they have it..........? Naughty Sonya strikes again. Good Sonya would never do that.

  5. And if anyone wonders why the US Postal Service continues to lose business to UPS and FedEx...I give them 3-5 years, and they'll be moving NOTHING but junk mail and bills (the few left that are mailed).

    Peace <3

  6. Gotta love dealing with the government. If it wasn't an entity of our government, it would never make it.

  7. I foolishly decided to do the last of my Ebay stuff a few weeks ago, & sent a necklace. Got insurance. Somehow packed the receipt showing the insurance. Purchaser never received necklace. USPS is useless. I cannot find the receipt in my giant pile of packing crap. Totally my fault across multiple fronts, but I'd also like to be annoyed with USPS for losing the package to start with. I was not happy when I had to refund all of the fees, shipping, & the price. Plus, I paid for postage!! Good times, USPS, good times.


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