Monday, August 12, 2013

This Week on the Dining Table

This Week on The Dining Table
This is the "Leaving town so use it up few days" Week.

Here's what was planned last week--

 Sunday--Subway sandwiches
Monday--Chicken and Broccoli(from the garden)in Garlic Sauce, Coconut Rice
Tuesday--Pork Chops, Green Beans, Roasted Taters(trying again to get this cooked!)
Wednesday--Barbecue Ribs & Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Coleslaw, Collards
Thursday--?  Will play it by ear
Friday--?  Will play it by ear
Saturday--Probably bunches of leftovers
Everything Sunday through Wednesday as planned, with the addition of Squash Casserole for Wednesday's meal.  Thursday we had homemade meat sauce with ravioli and tossed salad(at Tanner's request & I had raviolis and precooked crumbled ground beef for a meat sauce in the freezer) , Friday Tanner & I had a real late lunch at Friendly's so no dinner and Saturday we had a burgers/dogs cook-out for lunch before Tanner left so it was just leftover stuff from the week for dinner that night.
Last week,  I spent  $106.43 on  $167.51 worth of groceries at 2 different grocery stores and the farm stand.  That included about $50 in some meat deals and discount bakery goods(for while company was here), a pizza, snacks and PowerAde for #2 Son and $5 in fruit & $3.50 for local tomatoes at the farm stand.   The birthday cake was another $7 and bad planning on my part necessitated a $9.16 ground beef purchase(I had frozen but didn't think to thaw it out beforehand).  This means I spent only about $31 on essential food items that were used last week.
Food waste galore last week......4 strips of turkey bacon that just got "old" before it got 'et and a 1/4 of a bag of carrot shreds that again, just got "old".  And 1 of the cantaloupes I bought at the farm stand was too ripe so it went to the great compost in the sky. lol  I should have pureed it and froze it for smoothies but freezer space is still at a premium here and I had company and just didn't feel like standing around pureeing melon with them here.  Yes, I am using company as an excuse for throwing out a melon. 
I have NO  shame.......8-(
Leftovers going into this week's plan......where do I begin??lol......squash casserole(2 helpings), collards(1 helping), spare ribs(8), pulled pork, coleslaw, pork chops(2), meat sauce, coconut rice,, chicken w/broccoli(1 helping).  Hubs and I will try to eat on the foods #2 Son & others won't eat while we are gone today(just like we ate leftovers yesterday).

Here's this week's meal plan--such that it is--leftover foods are in bold lettering--
Sunday--Chicken and broccoli in garlic sauce,  PLUS fresh broccoli from the garden, coconut rice
Monday--Assorted Leftovers that #2 Son won't eat this week
Wednesday--Whatever Sonya Ann fixes....uh oh.....lolz
Thursday--Eat Out
Saturday--Wedding Reception

I have NO shopping list this week.....yah! 
Hubs and I will be eating out 5 nights this week.  1 night at Sonya Ann's house and 1 night at the Wedding dinner.  The other 3 nights are wide open and unknown at this point but will involve restaurants.  I am taking a bottle of no salt Ketchup with me however, if I need it to "doctor" up something that is not quite edible.  Plus I will be trying to make R/S diet friendly choices.  Wish me luck!

Instead of stocking up the fridge and leaving a meal plan for those who will be at home, I'll just give them money and they can decide what to serve/fix/eat.
Meals at my house this week will sort of be like Vegas......what happens at meal time at Sluggy's house STAYS at Sluggy's house. ;-)

That's what's appearing on the kitchen table this week here at Chez Sluggy.  Not much of a meal plan but next week's post mortem should be "interesting". lol
 What's getting fixed and served at your house this week?



  1. I am having free frozen hamburger patties on free hamburger buns with free tomatoes and exorbitantly priced salad greens that were on sale.

    Having forgotten to put chicken in refrigerator to thaw, I may have to drop it in water to force it thawed. I need to cook meat today for tomorrow's meal because I go for endoscopy at noon tomorrow and have no idea how woozy I will be afterwards.

    Of course, I will have my eggs from the backyard hens to eat for breakfast!

    I discovered Mrs. Dash and love it. Although I have never been told to limit salt, I do. Currently, I am using Lemon Pepper. I put it on hamburgers and chicken, so far.

    One thing I absolutely love is pimiento-cheese sandwiches, so I have that all set to make.

    Sandwich rounds topped with jarred spaghetti sauce and grated cheese or on-sale shredded Italian cheese blend make a good lunch option for this week.

    Fruits on hand--cherries, bananas, apples, oranges.

    Vegetables on hand--onions, carrots, sweet potatoes, hot peppers, tomatoes.

    Things will be fluid as usual. From midnight tonight until 10 am tomorrow, only Sierra Mist can pass through my lips.

  2. I'm hoping that you won't have to drench everything that I cook in ketchup. You never know. LOL


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