Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Good, The Bad & The Mundane

First for the Mundane......

I finally sat down to pay some July bills this morning.
I can't believe we are already on the backside of the month!

Everything is paid up and I still have money leftover from the 1st paycheck this month.
Go me!! ;-)

I figure about $750 more in spending until the end of July here...between prescription refills, the couple of regular bills not received yet, gas fill ups for Hubs and a bit of miscellaneous/cash spending.
We have another paycheck before the month ends so unless something really expensive pops up before August, I should have a healthy chunk of change to put into my Savings Challenge goal.
Go me again! lol

I'm going to enjoy having spare money this month because next month the semi-annual car insurance premium is due.
*sad face*

On the Good News side of things.....


Firstborn got a job!!!!!!
A real, fulltime job that pays a decent amount.

It's not a teaching position but having an education degree helped him get it......that and having worked every summer for the last 6 years w/special needs campers too.
It's something he's comfortable doing and is a great fit for his skill set until he lands that teaching position he hopes to one day find.

Plus he and the girlfriend got approved for the apartment in Pittsburgh they wanted.
So they are making plans for the "big move" to P'burgh next month.
And since Firstborn got a decent job, even though we had to cosign their lease, they will be able to afford to pay the rent, the utilities, gas, food and student loans.  His expensive craft beer habit will have to be put aside for awhile though....

On the Not-So-great News.......

Why on earth do they make swimming pools out of metal that rusts?
If you are fabricating something to HOLD MANY GALLONS OF WATER, why would you NOT use stainless steel or heavily treat said metal sheeting with rustproofing?
Oh yeah.....because they don't want your pool to last more than 5 years so they get to sell you another one, and at a higher price because that will go up over 5 years like your blood pressure will when you find out you need to basically replace your pool.

Hubs has had a pool liner leak he has been trying to find all season.  We have taken the liner partly off to patch this and that numerous times.
But the water level keeps dropping and it's not all due to evaporation.
Something was up and it wasn't the pool water.

And Hubs keeps refilling the pool and my water meter keeps spinning like a crazed hippie hyped up on meth at a Grateful Dead concert.
Those regular bills that haven't arrived yet this month.
Yah.....the water bill is one of them and this will not be pretty when it does get here.

As for the pool--
Hubs has stopped refilling it and it's about bone dry now and the source of the problem has finally been found.  The bottom where it meets the side of the wall of the pool is where the leak is.
And it isn't just a leak, it's dry rotted such that if you took your finger and poked the liner it would puncture and then you could run your finger along the bottom and open up a gash the size of a Volvo.
Ok, so that's a real weird metaphor/simile(never could remember the difference between those two!)but it's fairly accurate because most everything about my life is strange/bizarre/funny.

The verdict is we need a new pool liner.
Plus the skin/metal walls of our pool are rusted and rusted through in a couple of spots.
So putting in a new pool liner is just asking for it to be torn by jagged metal panels.
I'm not sure what we are going to do about all this.

Basically, we need to replace most every piece on this pool.
And while I do enjoy having it for the 2 months a year we get to really use it, I don't know if it's worth replacing at this point.

* We just have one kid left at home and he never uses the pool.
* And it's a big expense between the cost of the pool parts itself, all the water needed to fill and top it off each year, the electricity to run the pump all season and then all those pool chemicals....oy!.....the chemicals that cost an arm and a leg.
* Plus we will be moving in a few years, so why bother putting up a new pool?  I hear it can make selling your house more difficult if you have either an in-ground or above-ground pool.

I sure wish we had a community pool like in our old neighborhood.  If you wanted to use the pool you paid a yearly fee which was quite reasonable.

I am thinking maybe to go the hot tub route instead.
Granted it isn't cool and refreshing in the Summer and you can't swim in it......but it can be used almost year round here if located in the right spot because it's heated.
And relaxing in a spa with a glass of an adult beverage is almost as good as a refreshing dip in a pool when it's 90 degrees outside.

What do y'all thing?
Replace the pool, get a hot tub instead or just do without for the time being?



  1. Congrats on DS getting a good job! I'm still waiting for that day....

    I say try the hot tub. We've been thinking of getting a used one. People are practically giving them away on Craigslist and it might help DH's pain some, not to mention my back aches and pains.

  2. I would agree that it's probably not worth it to get another pool. We would love a hot tub and it's something we'd consider if I get back to work soon...

  3. I LOVE HOT TUBS!!!! In a nice, shady spot they are good year round. Make it a secluded shady spot and they can be clothes optional! Even better!

    Peace <3

  4. Congrats to DS! That's really good news. No idea on the pool/hot tub. I don't seem to be a fan of either. But it sucks that they rusted. You'd think they would be built against the very thing they're meant to hold, eh?

  5. Great on the job, such a relief for a parent, I know believe me! I would not replace the pool. Hot tubs are nice if you don't have to care for them.


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