Sunday, July 21, 2013

Talking Sexy Grocery Talk

Well I didn't get by on groceries this week with spending $25 but I did only spend $42.19 total.

I got the few things I needed for this week's menu(milk, ricotta, deli meat, lettuces), but Weis(PMITA)Markets had a $5 off $50 Coupon in the flyer so I figured I'd pick up a few more things we can use soon(and that were on sale this week) and get to the $50 mark(before coupons)so I could get that extra $5 discount.
I ended up buying $81.86 worth of groceries for $42.19 after Qs and discounts used.
That's a 48.50% savings rate. ;-)

Here's what I got....

Weis Ice Cream for #2 Son...$1.49 wflyer /Q
Cheez-its for #2 Son....$.99 w/flyer Q
2 Bagels....$1.18
2 containers of Ricotta Cheese....$5 on sale
1 bag of Salad.....$1.95 w/50% discount sticker
1 loaf garlic bread....$.99 w/50% discount sticker
chicken deli meat.....$5.99 on sale
container of milk....$1.83
2 diet drinks.....$2.00 on sale
8.50 lbs. of chicken breast.....$6.98 * on sale w/$6 in instant Q
large bag of dog kibble......$9.99 on sale & w/$1 IPQ
6 large cans of wet dog food.....$6.00 on sale

Subtotal before all Qs was north of $60.
After all Qs the subtotal was $39.39 and the tax brought it to $40.52.
I also bought a head of green leaf lettuce this week at a different store on sale for $1.67.

* The chicken was a great deal.  Reg. $2.99 lb. split chicken breasts were BOGO free this week.  I walked into the store to find some packages were getting close to the sell by date so they had $3 instant discount stickers on them.  I found 2 packages within .63¢ of price to each other and paid the higher $12.98 price for 8.50lbs. total.  Then 2 x $3 discounts came off at the register making my chicken $6.98 for all.  That's .82¢ lb. for chicken breasts.
The packages got broken down at home and smaller portions packed into the freezer for use later next month.

Basically by buying some things ahead & a couple of treats real cheap, for #2 Son using store Qs in the flyer,  I saved an extra $5 on stuff I would have bought in the next 2 weeks anyway.

I am left with $98.50 in my July food budget for shopping the 22nd through the 31st.
10 days and we have lots of stuff here already so this should be a walk in the park to stay under budget in July.  I'll be making my menu up this weekend for those 10 days using proteins & grains/bread already on hand.  The grocery monies will cover fresh veggies and fruits I find at a good price and in season this coming week.



  1. I love that chicken deal you got! isn't it great when sales and reductions align for a great price?

  2. I need to hire you to come do my grocery shopping!

    Peace <3

  3. That's a great deal for chicken!


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