Sunday, July 14, 2013


....I wonder about my brain.

When we went to see #2 Son perform yesterday at the "End of Music Camp Concert", afterwards, #2 Son asked me if I had taken video of him playing his flute.
I said NO Silly!.....I have a camera that only takes photos.
It's an inexpensive little thing and it only takes still shots.

To which #2 Son said, "Um, can take video with it."
Now how did he know this and I didn't??

Maybe it's because I NEVER READ THE MANUAL that came with said camera?
Might be......

So I hit some teeny tiny buttons on my camera this morning(Why do they make these buttons so dang blasted small anyway!?!?) and I found out yes, I CAN take video with my little camera!
Too bad I didn't find out in time to record #2 Son's concert performance for posterity.... 8-(

So here is what I did this morning to test out my video capabilities.
Remember, I am NOT a highly skilled videographer...... LOLZ



  1. At least you can put it on here! I am laughing and not at you. Now, I KNOW I can take a video and have, but for the life of me, I cannot find it after I download. Or, maybe it doesn't download. So, I am not any more capable than you at this video stuff. I cannot figure out how to get photos off my cell phone because the cd with instructions won't play. ATT corporate store told me that they would not help me. I had to go home and figure it out myself. This is the corporate store.

  2. :) Yes, most of the cameras have this feature. I sure hope, he'll have many more concerts that you can record in the future!

  3. I've had my camera for two years and only got around to trying out a video a month or so ago. 60 seconds of my dog swimming.

    We're not that different!

  4. That's funny! I at least run through the manual once...just to see what I might be missing. On my little point and shoot camera, I can now recognize "AUTO" (it's green) and "VIDEO" (it's a film camera sorta thing icon). No idea what they other stuff is (except the "LOW BATTERY" indicator.

    Peace <3


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