Monday, July 29, 2013

My Tests Came Back

Not my medical tests, though I have been having to take those recently(and everything came out good), but my DNA test I had done about 6 weeks ago.

Not to get too deeply into things in this post(yes, I am teasing and taunting all of you!), I can safely say that genetically.........

I am one of the whitest people you will ever meet!

When you get your DNA tested they give you a pie chart break down of your ethnicity so you can see graphically how much of what race/group is present in your genetic makeup.

Here is my pie chart.......

That's a solid blue Western European DNA result.

98.86% Whitey.

It can't be 100% because there is a 1.44+/- margin of error.
Or maybe there is a teeny tweeny tiny sliver of some other ethnicity in there.
Can't tell really yet.

My maternal lines(so far on paper)have all sprung from the Island countries off of the coast of mainland Europe.
My paternal lines(so far on paper)have all sprung from one particular island off of the coast of mainland may have heard of it?.....Ireland.

It's no wonder I had red hair until I was 4 yrs. old and I can't even think about the sun without slathering on sun block.
I should learn to play the bagpipes, train to become the Lord of the Dance(since we can't do any other kind of dancing well), spend time walking on the Moors and eat nothing but Haggis and Po-TA-toes....

So there will be no ancestral trips to Africa, South America or China for me...... 8-((

More on my results in the course of time.

Sluggy-the whitest woman alive


  1. Wow, you are so white you are clear.

  2. You give whiteout a run for the money? You could have gone forever without mentioning haggis. Don't tease us. I am eager to hear the whole boring thing.

  3. Haha @ Sonya.

    Lol @ test results. I am very curious as to what I'd be. I know I have my maternal grandfather's Spaniard's background on my skin and eyes, but my dad is really dark, and so is my maternal grandmother and fraternal grandparents. I don't think we have any Indian/Native in us (which is one of the 3 primary races in the Caribbean along with Spaniard's whites and African's blacks). Very funny test results.

  4. WOW and I thought I was the whitest..I mean I burst into flames if the sun hits me....but you win! :)


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