Thursday, July 18, 2013

Me & the Hoff Baby, Me & the Hoff!

A couple of months ago I went to look at my blog "stats".
Blog stats don't occupy every waking hour of my mind like they do some out here in blogland, but now and again I get curious and when bored I go gander at them.

I am a small potatoes blogger(and I sort of like it that way), so my "stats" aren't really anything to brag about. 8-)

Stats are the stuff like what kind of machine are viewers to your blog using(Windows at 75% of my viewers), the words or phrases that are most often searched on to find your blog(3 people landed on my blog recently by searching the keyword phrase "cliff diving"!), what blog posts are the most popular/most viewed(not surprisingly a recent post from July 12th but also a genealogy themed post from May 2nd has 33 page views), where viewers come to your blog from in cyberspace(Google and the One Family One Income Blog are high on that list currently).

And then there is the stat that tells you were in the world your viewers are located and THIS is where things get "interesting".

Since I am American, I write my blog in English and I write about my life here in the USA, you would think that the majority of my viewers would be in the States, with a good smattering of Canadian viewers, and then some additional readers in places where English is a major language, like the U. K., Australia, etc.

And up until a few months ago you would be correct.

But I noticed something bizarre in the Spring.
The majority of my audience of readers is NOT from America, or Canada, or the United Kingdom or even Australia.

No, I have been "Hassellhoffed".
For whatever reason, I am BIG in......Germany!

I are thinking to yourself, "Self?....WTF?!"
And you know what?
That's exactly what I am thinking to myself.



I don't know if this is some weird fluke black hole of the internet causing this or if a big portion of German blog readers suddenly have confused me with David Hasselhoff.

*By the way....I just discovered that yesterday was David Hasselhoff's birthday.
Happy 61st David!

Hey, I do sort of resemble a 61 year old American actor, singer(sort of), producer and ex-sex god.
If the lights are down low enough that is.....

I had a smokin' hawt body like that many MANY years ago.....and I didn't need to photoshop it.
Only with a lot less chest hair.

And just to prove that I am NOT making this up, here is a screenshot of my audience stats for the week of July 11-18, 2013--

(Click on the graphic to 'Embiggen' for more details.)

My US audience for the week number is 2,582.
That's only my second highest viewer stat.
My Germany audience for the week sits at 27,954.

Yes, if you add up all my viewers from the next 9 top countries of readership, that number is only 3,320.
I have 88ish times more viewers in just Germany than I have in all these other countries?

I know this is some sort of weird abhoration(that's been going on for months now!)or someone in Germany is sitting at a computer all day and hitting the refresh button on my blogsite over and over and over again in order to play some sort of strange internet prank on me personally.
But hey!
I'll take what I can get and enjoy this while it lasts.

And because I have mentioned David Hasselhoff and shown his photo so many times in the blog post, I reckon I'll have even more German viewers in the next few days! lol

I can now state for the record that I am truly like Hasselhoff, Big in Germany!

Never mind not Hasselin' the Hoff.....

Don't Hassel the Slug!



  1. Bahaha. That is quite curious.

    1. I know!
      And not knowing why is killing

  2. So, I have to mention Hasselhoff more often to enhance my stats? Can do.

  3. Mind you I am no where near as popular as you are but for some reason this week I'm popular in Russia.
    I think you and the Hoff would make a cute couple as long as you don't serve him a burger.

    1. Yah, no hamburgers or singing, definitely! *snort*

      I've reread your posts this week and I haven't a CLUE why you'd be so popular in Russia this week.
      Maybe I can put in a good word with my German mafia for ya and they can get your European stats up....for a price. ;-)

  4. Replies
    1. It's a head scratcher for

  5. Lots of those foreign visitors are automatic bots or spiders that "crawl" the web to index pages for search engines. I get hits from Saudi Arabia - who in SA reads a gay man's blog with nutty stories on it? The SA Googler, I'm sure!

    Peace <3

    1. Awwww, don't crush my dream Jay.
      Let a girl have her fantasy of being an international blogging star.

      People in repressive societies will read the seemingly strangest stuff so don't count out those

    2. That's true. I guess they figure out ways around their country's filters! HAHAHAHA

  6. Darlin' I don't know what to say..... Can you find someone to cast a spell to wash that Hoff picture out of my brain?????

  7. 1The Hoff...bringing you German visitors daily. LOL


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