Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Scare People

I can't help but feel "painting envy" when I go over to Alex's Blog and see that the guy painting her living room is almost done and by the end of the weekend, Alex will have put back together her room for the grand reveal.
So jealous.....

It's been over a week(9 days to be exact)since the local handyman franchisee came over to our house to take photos and take down all the information on all the projects we want/need doing over here at Chez Sluggy.
A week and not a peep outta these guys on an estimate of what it will cost us.

We ended up with 7 separate "projects" that need doing here, when the handyman was finished writing them all up.

1.  Repair/patch ceilings/wallboard/doorway edges in assorted rooms.
2.  Paint entire downstairs and upstairs hallway.
3.  Finish crown molding in living/dining rooms.
4.  Fix and rehang hall closet bi-fold door.
5.  Rip up carpet and install bamboo flooring in living/dining rooms.
6.  Replace trim around garage door and replace decorative shutters on 3 windows on front of house.
7.  Clean and paint(or replace with metal/vinyl) decorative attic vent on front of house.

Do you think I scared him away?
I do.

Maybe I should have eased into this by only letting them know about 2 or 3 projects.
And then when those were completed we could contract with them to do the others.
Yah, maybe I should have done that.

But I didn't.....because I have NO PATIENCE dang it!!
I want this stuff done and I want it done, like yesterday.

It's been so long since I've had an actual living room that looks and is used like a living room.
I just can't help myself.

So I sit here trying to not glance furtively at the telephone and by using my mind control abilities WILL IT TO RING!
Grrrr......AAArgh......sigh loudly......*drop head on desk and whimper softly*.......

And someone please if you see my Hubs in real life, remind him that I am waiting for him to take the pile of broken electronically crap out of the center of the living room and drop it off at Best Buy NOW.
Doing it yesterday would be even better.

Do you believe me now when I said I am no patience?!

I swear, if I could lift that TV it would be sitting out on the curb as of 2 months ago.
So tired of it.

So what do you think?.......did I scare him off?




  1. We scare people away -- even more so in the last house because it was so big. One thing I have going for me is I've got the guy hooked on my food.

    Came back from my nigh out of town, expecting both boys to be here and my maps hung. Got here, alone. Empty house. No TBG. No dog. No Jimmy. Maps un-hung. Mirror hung back up. Small map that had been hung taken down. Canoe back in place. None of this makes sense? I don't know where they are or what they're up to! That's what happens when I am not here to crack the whip.....

  2. I hate when you get someone to finally come look at something (they have that much work that they can't give an estimate?!), and then they never call back. It's happened to me more than once. Maybe try Angie's List to see if someone on it is recommended?

    Peace <3

  3. Go a local list and ask if anyone can recommend him? Maybe he will surface or you will get more info. Call BBB.

    We contracted with a guy to do a bit of remodeling when we moved here. He was to take down all the plaster and lathe board in the kitchen and put up insulation in that one room and sheet rock. Replumb kitchen, ONLY. Replumb--so that washer was in laundry room, not the kitchen; replumb and rewire so stove and sink were where I wanted them in the kitchen. Take out two long windows and replace with two differet size and style windows. That is not a lot, considering he was only working on one room, right? Oh, yeah, take out the claw foot tub and then put down flooring and replace tub.

    He took three months, did a shoddy job, was training a stupid hs football player--brilliant player but stupid carpenter.

    This took three months and my ex could have done as good a job. Finally, with a smile, I released him back into the wild. I look at that job done in 1977 and still get angry. To clear it up--I released remodeler back into the wild that year, released the husband several years later.

    Never again did I ever give anyone a list. I assign one job at a time!

  4. I would have to agree that one job at a time would be a better way to go. Completing your list would take some time and take him away from other jobs for a while. Summer is probably when he gets the most work and he's going to cherry pick the good jobs. I would get a specific flooring guy just to do the bamboo floors. And that "list" is overrated. I joined and it wasn't worth it. JMO of course.

  5. I'm actually a bit surprised they'd walk away. Sure, people don't like to work, and the amount of it may have scared them off, but around here, they'd be jumping onto that job fairly quick. I wouldn't hold my breath for them very much... if it's the simpler things (painting and such), maybe see if there are Craigslist handymen that will take the job. I'd leave #5 and #6 until they've proven they do good work.


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