Friday, July 19, 2013

Can It Be? Why Yes, It's a Road Trip!

Tanner talked about taking vacations today on her blog.
That got me into the mind of telling everyone about our "big vacation adventure" for the year we are starting shortly here at Chez Sluggy.

Hubs sister is getting married.....again.
Ok, that wasn't nice was it?
She was married a few years before Hubs and I did the deed back in the early '80s.
But that one only lasted until about 1984 when she and her hubs divorced.
She's been single ever since.

She finally found someone she wants to share her life with again and they are getting married next month......out in Illinois.

So Hubs and I are using this as the starting off point to plan a vacation.
Since there is little to see/do in the part of IL where she lives(other than watching corn grow), we are planning on making a big adventure and many stops along a route that will begin in eastern PA, swing through OH and IN, into IL and then to TN and through western VA and back up to PA and home.
10 days of meandering across 9(or 10) states in a 1,500 mile loop.

Yah, I am tired just thinking about this..... lol

I have gotten in touch with a few people who we are making stops to visit with so this trip is getting a bit more interesting.
And we are trying to do this thing on the frugal dime.
Well except for the car rental since we aren't using our vehicles to do all this driving.

So I am taking ideas for things to see/do along the way.
It can be a quick short thing/sight to see or something more substantial.
And remember we enjoy seeing/doing weird stuff like....

walking Indian mounds

visting dead ancestors in Confederate cemeteries

going to farmer's markets

shopping for grocery deals on vacation

going up in dizzily tall bridge towers

eating fresh seafood at roadside shacks

smuggling Cuban cigars across the US/Canadian border(did I really do that???)
No, I meant going to a Chocolate Museum in Canada......yah, that's it......

eating at truck stops....on purpose!......

stalking Stephen King's house

Plus many more offbeat things.

And if you are in the area(or think you are located where we'll be passing through or stopping), and think your life would be greatly improved by meeting me and Hubs, shoot me an email privately and I'll see if the planets will align and allow a meet up.




  1. Can I hitchhike with you guys to IL?! That road-trip sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Stephen King's house looks pretty cool.. But you're not coming to Iowa???!!!

    It's SWEETCORN season!!! Get it cheap!!!
    stock up!

  3. Can you even get from IL to TN without going through KY. No, you will have to go through KY. Granted, it is not a very exciting part of the state, but that is where my grandmother was born--Bandana, KY. Wave at my relatives.

  4. Cades Cove in Tennessee is a super place to visit and it's free!!

    Gill in Canada

  5. The World's Longest Yard Sale is next month, but maybe not the days you will be out and about. It starts near my town and goes to Michigan or somewhere up north.

  6. Hope y'all have a great vacation. Yeah, I'd dread all that driving too. Wish North Carolina was on your itinerary=( I'd enjoy any of your trips but the one with the tall bridge towers!! Safe travels. Take care.

  7. I am in Central Il where you get to watch corn grown ;) However there is more to do here then you think. Springfield is a great place to visit and has alot of historial things to do. Peoria has a great old cemetry and a great music nightlife. Oh they just opened the new Catapillar museum also which I hear is very nice. Almost every town around here has a farmers market one day or another.

  8. I think your vacations sounds like a blast. I would love to do something like that.


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