Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blog Business and Linky Love

Taking care of some blog stuff today and sharing some linky love.  These links may inspire you, or call you to act, or broaden your knowledge,  so sit back and enjoy. 8-)

** First up, I had a request from a longtime reader, Syama.
She had a blog a year or so ago and was a regular commenter here under the Non De Plume of Free!,  but "life happened" and she had to shut her blog down and schooling kept her from being around the blogisphere.

She is facing a medical crisis now and reached out to me to help her publicize a site she has created in order to raise funds so she can go to MD Anderson in Houston TX for cancer treatment.  She needs to raise cash for plane tickets for her kids so their grandparents in CA can care for them while she is undergoing treatment.
If you think you are in a position to donate to her cause or can share the site somewhere else, go check out her page on this site HERE.

** Secondly, I received a note from someone named Heather.  I'm not sure if Heather is a regular reader or hit on my blog by chance, but she asked that I put a link to a site featuring a video she is the subject of on my blog.  In her own words she said, "My journey with cancer was a terrifying one and I'd like to turn my pain into purpose and become someone that other people can look to for guidance, inspiration, and hope in situations like my own."
She received a death sentence from a little known, deadly form of cancer and after intensive treatment is here 7 years later to give others hope.
Check it out HERE.

** Thirdly, I received an email from someone named Sage who has been reading my blog.  She says she has a website to help folks choose non-contract phone plans located HERE.  It looks like a legit informational site from what I can tell
Check her out.

** Fourth on the agenda, I was contacted by a longtime reader(unbeknownst to me)named Tina who started a blog 3 months ago HERE.
She requested that I put her on my blog roll. 
Now I am happy to oblige since her blog looks like something some of my readers would enjoy.   She's an artist, crafter, teacher, gardener, etc. etc. etc.

Let me say, it takes a certain amount of oh, how shall we say?...."balls" to ask to be put on someone's blog roll when you yourself do NOT have a blog roll(or page of links to others) to reciprocate a link back to that person's blog.
So for having "balls" Tina goes on the blog roll.
I like folks with "balls". ;-)

I am happy to encourage and share stories and other blogs on here so feel free to contact me if you would like me to post about you or your site.

And as always, if any of these folks have links and are selling something, I am not endorsing those efforts or sending you there to hand over your hard earned dollars.
I try to check out everything I am sent but I can't be held responsible for where you and what you see/do/go beyond these links.



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