Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shopping Ollie's for Food....Good Stuff Cheap!

Yes, our regional discounter Ollie's is near and dear to my heart.
I love their motto....."Good stuff cheap!" 8-))

I had earned a 10% off coupon from them and since I seem to be in shopping mode lately, I went to see if there were any deals to stock up on.
Here is what I found.....

5 x Assorted Juices (100%)$1.99 or $1.79 w/discount=$8.95
2 x Parmesan Cheese $2.19 or $1.97 w/discount=$3.94
2 x Vanilla Extract(real) $4.49 or $4.04 w/discount=$8.08
1 x BBQ rub  $1.99 or $1.79 w/discount=$1.79
2 x Mustard or Chicken Bouillon $.99 or $.89 w/discount=$1.78

Stocked on Juice, shaker Cheese and Vanilla.  These extract bottles are HUGE.....

16 oz sized and NOT imitation!
That's cheaper than making my own. 8-)

And here is my real stock up.....5 huge bottles of Olive Oil....

1 x Apple butter $1.79 or $1.61 w/discount=$1.61
2 x Olive Oil(Tunisian-1 liter) $4.99 or $4.49 w/discount=$8.98
2 x Olive Oil(Pompeian Extra Light-48 oz.) $6.99 or $6.29 w/discount=$12.58
1 x Olive Oil(Pompeian Classic-48 oz.) $7.99 or $7.19 w/discount=$7.19

Total Out of Pocket....$54.90
The Total Value if I had purchased all this at retail elsewhere.....$101.93

They also had the 48 oz. bottles of Pompeian blend of Olive Oil and Canola Oil for $5.99, which after discount would have cost me $5.39.
But I don't use Canola Oil.

I may go back Sunday evening and buy some more.  I have a coupon for Ollie's special sale where everything in the store will be 15% off, which means even more of a savings.

Anybody else shop at Ollie's?



  1. Ok where is Ollies...I must find this store and go shopping!!!!!!

    1. I can't believe your sister outside of Berwick has never taken you to an Ollies!

      Go to the website olliesbargainoutlet dotcom and see where the nearest store is. I don't think they are IN Philly but they are all around Philly and DE and OH and now in NY and VA and SC.

  2. A 2 oz. bottle of McCormick's pure vanilla extract costs about $4. I need Ollies!

  3. Whoa! I'm so jealous of that vanilla!!! Gotta get me an Oillies around here!

    1. I couldn't believe that bottle either...yikes!
      No Ollie's west of OH yet....give em time

  4. Replies
    1. You just never know what you're going to find at Ollies Frances.


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