Monday, December 3, 2012

The Nothing Goes Right Weekend

This past weekend was a real pip.

I'm feeling real sorry for #2 Son especially.
He was been run ragged what with all his musical extracurricular activities--marching band, pitt orchestra for the high school musical, concert band.
He's a bit rundown.
Then he had to get up the crack of dawn on Saturday to go take the SAT at a downtown high school......he missed the PSAT, so we had him take the SAT as a Junior just to get a "baseline", as he is planning on taking it again next Fall as a Senior.
Anyway, he sat for that thing for 4 hours Saturday morning.
Then sleep deprived and now tired from thinking for 4 hours, Hubs made him drive home.
He's still working on the 60 hour "behind the wheel" requirement to get your license here in PA.
I know nobody here makes their kid actually log 60 hours in all kinds of weather before they take the road test but us.  We are hard asses. 8-)

So he's driving home from the test with Hubs and he runs a stop sign(one of those rolling stop deals from a merge lane....he says he didn't even see the stop sign).
Unfortunately, a police car was sitting about 100 yds. up from where he merged/ran the stop sign, so #2 Son got to experience his 1st time being pulled over.
He handled himself well and only got a warning from the officer.

Then after getting home and giving me all the details of his thrilling morning, he goes upstairs and I hear him stomping around more than usual.
He comes down to tell me he has lost his wallet.
The last time he saw it was at the SAT when he had to take his ID out to show to get into the high school for the test.
And he had $70 in it.  8-(
I told #2 Son that he was most definitely the BUG and not the Windshield this past weekend.....

$70 hard earned money.....gone.
Mind you, this is the kid who wants a $400 cell phone for Christmas!....which he is Not getting by the way.  I don't know what it is, but those teen hormones are doing wacky things to his brain lately.  He has gotten so absentminded!  He loses everything......even his train of thought.  If he was a bit older I'd swear he was going through menopause. lol

Then he started running a fever on Sunday and he missed the pitt rehearsal.
Then I started running a fever Sunday night, followed by chills and a queasy stomach.

It's not been a fun day today for either of us as well, though the chills are gone the low-grade fever and the queasies are not.

But the good news is that someone turned in #2's wallet at the downtown high school.  Since it was a VANS wallet(coveted by teenagers the world over lol) I figured it was gone for good.  I'll lay money that the $70 won't be in it when we get it back.

Hubs got the Christmas tree out of the garage and set it up this weekend.  It's still nekkid however.
And he's set storage tubs of Holiday accoutrements willy-nilly all over the living room, so I can't get to my eBay items should someone purchase one.
And yah, the eBay stuff isn't going so great this Holiday season.  I need to get some more listings up this week and hope for the best.

So how was your weekend?

I've got some errands to do and a Menu to figure out post, and 2 giveaways to post winners for so maybe I'll get to that tonight.
Stay tuned.



  1. My daughter says her 17-yr-old son is getting stupid. G-daughter says all he does is talk to girlfriend. Yes, he has first girlfriend, no job, and got the lead in his hs musical--Legally Blonde--so must practice every evening. Daughter is pulling her hair out. In NY kids cannot drive until 17, so I am sure that is saving her sanity a bit.

    By the way, scientists say a child's brain cannot make good decisions until the kid is 25. That is a long time for either of you to have live through. Take care.

  2. My son was exceptionally stupid at 17 also. He left his wallet in the mens room at school..why well because he was counting his paycheck and then put it down..and....dear Lord!

    We made all of our kids do the hours plus drive in the different weather. I had the youngest out driving in snow and ice last year to get used to it. They also all have to know how to change a tire even though we have AAA. But truthfully he is 23 and still um...forgetful..yeah lets go with that


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