Sunday, December 2, 2012

The P&G Celebrate The Season REBATE

I talked about the new P&G Rebate in this post HERE.
It's a spend $50 in select P&G products and get a $15 Rebate in the form of a Visa gift card.
The form is online HERE.

Among the product lines are Herbal Essence, Pantene and Cover Girl.
Last week I spent $31.34 on Cover Girl items.
And earlier in late October I spend $12 in Herbal Essence items.
Combined that put me at $43.34 spent toward the $50.

I forgot that I also spent $7 on 2 bottles of Pantene on my last transaction at Rite-Aid last week and this puts me at $50.34, so I've earned that $15 gift card.
My out of pocket spending at Rite-Aid in November was $1.25 but between my $2 SavingStar cash rebate and my P&G gift card rebate of $15 I did much better than FREE at the drugstore!


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