Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Can You STAND Some More Rite-Aid?!

I am a glutton for I went back to Rite-Aid today.

5 x Simplify Napkins and/or Foil $1, w/Gold discount .80¢=$4.00
1 x Lemon Juice on sale=$1.00
2 x White Shoulders Cologne BOGO50% Sale($7.99)=$11.98
2 x Gillette Fusion/ProGlide Razors on sale $9.99(but Gold discount $8.63=$17.26
2 x Gillette Women's Disposable Razors(Venus) Gold discount $9.59=$19.18
2 x English Leather Cologne reg. $2.99, Gold discount $2.39=$4.78

Coupons Used
2 x $10/1 Gillette Fusion/ProGlide Razor WYB Gillette Disposable Razors pack ManuQ(12/2 RP)=$20.00
1 x BOGOFree Gillette women's Disposable Razors pack ManuQ(Dec. P&G)=$9.59
2 x $2/1 Dana brands Fragrance IPQ(Dana Webstie-take a survey, they send you a link to the Q)=$4.00
Coupon Total....$33.59


I paid with $24 in +Up Rewards and put the .61¢ on my gift card.
I received back $20 in +Up Rewards($10 WYB 2 Fragrances reg. $7.50 or over, 2 x $4 Gillette, $2 R-A napkins/foil).

I "spent down" $4 in my +Ups and got all the stuff above.

If you got the $10 Gillette Qs in your inserts and have the Dec. P&G insert, go get some razors  as this will be a moneymaker for you.  You can also get the Gillette disposable razors instead of the Venus ones...that Q was also in the Dec. P&G insert.  There is a limit of 2 $4 +Ups on the Gillette Fusion Razors per card.

If you go do the survey and print the Dana fragrance Q, it will be good for 7 days only so you have a short time to use it.
There are also Dana branded fragrance gift sets at Rite-Aid for the Holidays.  Some are $9.99 and if you have a Gold Wellness discount and the $2/1 Dana Q, you could get them for $5.99 + tax.  Not bad for a nice holiday present. 8-)

After sale and +Ups, these cost me .99¢ each.  I love White Shoulders.  These are the very small bottles but a little of this scent goes a long way.  The other scents were all $9.99 or higher so would cost you $1.99 each after sale and +Ups or higher.

There are also small bottles of Dana scents at Rite-Aid priced at $2.99.
With Gold Wellness discount they are $2.39 and use the $2/1 Dana Q and pay .39¢ + tax each.  My store had English Leather and Chantilly.  These would make nice little stocking stuffers.  They don't qualify for the "Buy One, Get One 50% and the $10 +Ups wyb 2" however since they are under $7.50 reg. price.

I think I am finished with Rite-Aid for this week.
Or not...... lol

My gift card is down to it's last .61¢.  Going to have to break out another one soon.....

This trip--
Value of items....$74.21
+Ups coming into this trip....$51.00
+Ups used....$24.00
+Ups earned.....$20.00
+Ups at the end.....$47.00

*And here are my MONTHLY TOTALS*

Out Of Pocket....$0.00  cash
Value of items bought.....$259.81
Savings Rate of  100%
Single Check Rebate due....$0.00
Other Rebates due......$0.00
After SCR applied, Out of Pocket.... $0.00
Savings Rate.....100 %

+Ups at beginning of month...$47.00+
+Ups used....$95.00+
+Ups received...$95.00+
+Ups currently...$47.00+ 



  1. Great job!
    I can't seem to stay out of CVS this week. Maybe there is something in the air. And I thought it was the Christmas spirit!;p

    1. I think it's the Xmas spirit and SonyaAnn has a big gift list to fill out and money in her pocket!lol

  2. Daham, you're good.

    1. I will take that compliment, thank you!

  3. I blame you for my recent Rite Aid obsession. I keep trying to figure out how to get to the $75/$10 holiday promo without spending much OOP, without coupons, & with limited UP rewards. I know, no small feat. :-)

    I think I'm half way there, but I hope next week's ad is awesome!

    Also, nice work!


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