Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Need A Little Christmas

What a busy day Saturday was!
I am pooped.
Going to Rite-Aid(to rebuy cookie mix...oy!), Christmas shopping with Hubs(2 places and then I said, "Enough!"), the Grocery store(for the 3rd time this week!), writing and posting eBay listings, packing eBay items that sold, dealing with eBay Deadbeats(already?!), filing receipts, putting away all this stuff I've "bought" at Rite-Aid lately, straightening the garage stockpile, dealing with the dogs and the teens.
I was so ready to put my feet up, pop open a Woodchuck Hard Cider and watch a little tv.  Nothing on but Suze Orman(those "Can I Afford It?" Segment people are a hoot!).

Where did the day go?

And as for Christmas here?
Well all I can say is that the tree is up and is no longer 'totally' nekkid......

Perhaps some ornaments will make an appearance soon.  Not that anyone other than Hubs and I even care to decorate the thing. 
If Santa doesn't see the youngins around here scare up a little more enthusiasm than they are displaying now, he might just take a pass at our house this year.

I'll be breaking out the fruitcake tomorrow.
I have self-diagnosed myself and the result is that I am suffering from a candied fruit and nut deficiency.

That and this clip should get me right......

Lucy is no Angela Lansbury but it will have to do. ;-)



  1. I'm definitely in for fruit cake! Do you have a recipe to share?

    1. I buy my fruitcake from Claxton's of Georgia.
      Best. Fruitcake. Ever.

      I attempted making fruitcake in the late '80s.
      Be glad I gave it up. lol

  2. Oh, I love your silver and white Christmas tree :0


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