Thursday, November 29, 2012

Using Up Leftovers Makes Me Happy.....Really Happy!

Around Chez Sluggy we are all about using up leftovers and not having food waste.
We take this mission seriously.....really, we do!

Like the other day.......
I was attempting to clean out the little freezer over the fridge.
And I found some old sherbet in there.....

This was a holdover from early Summer, might have been Spring actually if I think about it.

So what do you do with a big clump of Pina Colada Sherbet that has freezer burn and it's November and you just don't need to cool off from the heat anymore?

Well if you are me, you add this.....

Then you add some pineapple juice and some ice cubes in a blender too until it looks like this....

Somehow drinking this frozen pina colada in November somehow doesn't seem as wrong as eating sherbet in November.

Now I can truly say that Avoiding food waste makes me happy!



  1. We may waste other food items time to time, but ice cream and sherbet...NEVER. It is always added to the weekly shopping list. I get a large size for the Mr. and my Extreme Chocolate Moose tracks. Some weeks are more stressful than others, so I may slip into the store and buy a second container of Moose tracks. Can I help it if is doesn't come in the large size;-)


  2. I had the same thought about some margarita mix lingering in our fridge. I think as soon as I get over this cold, it's margarita time! :-)

  3. That is the happiest left over I have ever seen.....I really need to check my freezer :)

  4. Avoiding food waste and drinking=genius!

  5. I never find anything so nice in my freezer. Pooh!

  6. Pineapple often makes everything better. I cook in a way that I can use the leftovers later, because there's always leftovers!

  7. We never waste food. Especially not sherbert. But now I wish we had some languishing in the freezer. I LOVE pina coladas. Or as we called them in college "penis colAdos".


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