Friday, November 9, 2012

Thoughts in The Random Fashion

** First off, here are the fundraiser gift baskets from last week(or was it the week before that one?) after I finished arranging/decorating them....

The Band Competition was last Sunday so the baskets are gone!  I hope they raised some $$$s.

Our Band did well at that Competition.
Tonight is the 1st Play-off Game for the Football team......can you hear me saying "Oh Goody!"?lol
So the Band has to march and play tonight.  The Band is hoping the team loses so that this is the last Football game they have to attend.  Nights are just too bone chillingly cold here to be outside performing with a metal instrument up to your face.  I have visions of getting a call that my son's tongue is stuck to his flute.

 I'll keep my fingers crossed.....

** Saturday is the State Championships in Hershey.  They did so well this season that they got pushed into the Open Bracket section.  They went from 30th to 9th place in our state's region since the last tournament.
Go them!!
Not sure about how that affects the Band(probably makes their odds of winning anything worse)but #2 Son is bemoaning that now they don't get to stop at Friendly's for lunch on the way down, like they have done since forever.  He will just have to eat nasty "made at home" food on the bus instead.
#2 Son is not amused.....

I think Saturday marks the end of Marching Band Season.
#2 Son has already started with Pitt Orchestra rehearsals.  That's the band for the School's Musical Production which is staged right after Thanksgiving.
Then December they start rehearsals for the Jazz Band and the Concert Band, so 3-4 rehearsals each week continues until the end of December.
Oh, and add in his weekly private music lesson too.
And that doesn't begin to address the academics and studying for the SAT he's taking on December 1.
I can't wait for January!

** I haven't been on Ancestry or Find A Grave dotcom in over a week!  Weird, huh?
Cemetery walking Season is coming to a close as the temperatures drop and the snow starts to fall.
I just felt a need to lay off the dead people for awhile.  I'm sure the feeling was mutual on their end as well.   I'll be back at it sometime soon.

** If you look at my Blog Roll you may find new Blogs there in the coming days/weeks.  I have dropped a couple that have fallen off the face of the Internet and added a few, in my vain attempt to stay relevant and "hip".   You will find all kinds of folks on my Blog Roll because that's how my Blog Roll rolls.
If you have a blog you enjoy, feel free to drop me a note about it.  I am always excited to find a new morsel....

** I did go through my Christmas box this week......

The things I pick up over the year when I spy a great deal go into this box.  Sometime in November I pull it out(the box silly!)and dig through the goodies.  I make little piles of gifties for each person I buy for at the Holidays.  Here's some of it spread out over the bed.....

The Christmas/Gift box has changed over the years.  It use to be many boxes worth of stuff and eventually, when the kids were young and I had many more friends, family members, as well as teachers, professional contacts and others to gift, the Christmas Box was a whole darned closet!
That's when I came to my senses and put a stop to shopping on this level.  Now that I'm not buying toys, nor expensive electronics, the Christmas box is at a small manageable level.

Most of what I pick up for cheap/free gets used as Stocking Stuffers.  More and more of what I pick up is consumables or "needs" based because, really, how many useless tchotchkes does one human have to have?  The lot above consists of socks, combs, brushes, more socks, bath salts, incense, more socks, gum, candy, more socks, snacks, humorous pasta, and yes, more socks!

I take a grocery store bag for each person I gift and dump everything for that person in that bag and label it.
The few things I wrap for 'stand alone' gifts get bagged together and once I drag out the gifts bags, wrapping paper and Furoshiki cloths, I'll attend to them at that time.  For now, it all goes back into the Christmas box once it's all bagged.
I've pretty much got all the kids and Hubs stocking goodies completed.  A couple of gift cards to procure and I'm done with that.

The few presents I'll buy for under the tree won't require a trip to the mall, that's for sure!

** And I know it's the Christmas Season without looking at a calendar.
I just have to look into my mailbox.....

Why does it have to be that if you buy a few things online, you get on everyone's stupid catalog mailing list?
I had just about gotten the superfluous barrage of Holiday Catalogs down to a lone LL Bean one a couple of years ago.
And then I went and bought some unmentionables for me and for Hubs from Hanes and BAMM!.....we are back on the lists.

I have a new Holiday Tradition I'll be instituting here at Don't Read This; It's Boring! this Christmas Season.
Look for my new Weekly Feature called "STUPID CRAP PEOPLE REALLY BUY" next week!
And feel free to send me your submissions.  While I feel there will be no end to the stupid crap I find to post about, my readers imput is always encouraged and looked forward to.  8-)



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  1. I saw that magazine with the shoe-shaped wine holders, or whatever they are... my coworker said she'd love one of them. I just nodded and smiled. Then trashed the magazine!


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