Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Rest of My Saturday

So we headed out Saturday afternoon, the Hubs and I.

I snapped this shot at 1pm as we pulled out of the driveway.  It's our first "Snow Event" of the Season!

By the evening, everything had melted though.

We went to the Gun Shop(Buy local!).  I had told Hubs that Saturday was NOT a good idea, seeing as Deer Season opens Monday morning.  I knew they'd be swamped and they were!

Next stop, we hit another Rite-Aid in another town.
We got there right after a shoplifter had fled the store.  He left a trail of destruction in his wake inside the store.  The manager who was still quite upset told me that they had caught this guy stealing and when he was confronted he started clearing shelves of merchandise and knocking down displays.  There was a huge pile of gift cards on the floor he had thrown from an endcap and all kinds of perfume and make-up gift sets littering one aisle. What a mess!  They were waiting on the police to show up before they cleaned up the store.

After that bit of excitement, I picked up 4 more Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergents, 2 more Shave Gels & 4 more Monster drinks, using BIL's card.
After Qs it came to $20.50 + tax.
I paid with my $20.50 in +Ups from yesterday(so all the tax came off the order) and I got $14 in +Ups back.
I also bought 2 more $50 Home Improvement Gift Cards(out of reg. income funds)so I can add another $20 in bonus +Ups to my +Ups stash.
I got a mess of rain checks too.

This trip--
Value of items....$43.30
+Ups coming into today....$43.49($20.50 ready to roll today)
+Ups used....$20.50
+Ups earned.....$14.00 + $20 in bonus +Ups=$34.00


Out Of Pocket....$1.25  cash
Value of items bought.....$273.03
Savings Rate of  99.54%
Single Check Rebate due....$0.00
Other Rebates due......$0.00
After SCR applied, Out of Pocket.... $0.00
Savings Rate  99.54%

+Ups at beginning of month...$10.00+
+Ups used....$112.50+
+Ups received...$159.49+
+Ups currently...$56.99+ 

We then hit the Restaurant Supply Store for 2 standard items in this house....
My "Precious"

This is the best Blue Cheese Dressing around!  I don't buy it often anymore but I'll splurge for the Holidays as it make a great dip as well(for raw veggies and for chicken wing pizza).

And a 5lb block of cheese....
The cheese is retailing for $6.99lb. at the deli counter, so even though the RSS price for a 5lb. block went up to $18, I am still saving $16.95 for every 5lbs. I used to buy at the grocery store.
And this is a local business too.  I am glad to see they are reopened after being decimated in the flooding of September 2011.

 Then it was a romantic lunch for two at Wendy's.   Oh yum.....insert eye roll here......

Afterwards, we stopped in a beverage distributor to do some adult beverage shopping.  In PA, you can't buy 6 or 12 packs of beer(unless it's a place like a restaurant that also has a license to sell alcohol that is consumed off premises).  You have to go to a beverage distributor, though there are a few grocery stores that can sell beer too now here, and you have to buy a case.
I "heart" the alcohol laws in PA......insert eye roll here......

So this particular Beverage Distributor was taking part in SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY.  They had a guy from a local microbrewry start-up in the store giving out samples(SAMPLES!)and promoting their brew.   There was a special price for Sat. only on the local brew and the store was running a 10% off imports and micros on Saturday.
That was enough to entice us to open our wallets and purchase some beverages.

We also got free beer glasses when we bought the local brew case and I can send away for a $5 Rebate on the Mike's.
Yes, I use coupons and rebates when I buy liquor.  Why would anyone think otherwise?  ;-)

We came home and what did I find in the mail on Saturday?
Why the 1st Christmas Card of the season!

Thank You Sonya Ann! 8-))

So that's my jam packed Saturday.
Today I am lying low, working on my Meal Plan for this coming week, doing some house chores and taking a nap.  We might drag out the Holiday decorations later but no pressure to get that all done today.
What are you up to today?



  1. Guns, shoplifters, beer...all in addition to good deals. What an exciting life you live. So, did you buy a gun?

    I know a guy who just happened to be working in WM and was in the path of a fleeing shoplifter being chased. The guy was knocked about ten feet and has not recovered from the knee injury six years later. I am glad you were not standing in the shoplifter's path. There are reasons that there are rules about not confronting a shoplifter until he is clear of the store.

    I hope you carry that gun.

  2. I did as I was told and rolled my eyes a ton. Then I was a bit dizzy. LOL.
    I'm glad you liked the card and I will have you know that I got it on sale. I'm trying to be you! Just my math isn't as good. LOL. It used to be-we will just blame the kids.
    Now that I have rolled my eyes as instructed and sent you a card, have I earned any free alcohol? You have more than enough. Oh wait, I can't get there my van broke!


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