Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No OOP Food Spending Til After Thanksgiving Results

Here is what I bought at the grocery store on Monday.....

1 bag of taters....$2.99
1 bunch of celery....$.99
2 small rutabagas....$4.32
2 packs of mushrooms...$3.00
1 bag of parsnips....$2.99
1 gallon milk....$3.76

I used my $10 food certificate so paid $8.05 out of pocket.
I forgot I needed to buy mushrooms for my stuffing and the parsnips were marked up higher than I thought they would be(such a small bag too!).
Between that and the milk, it put me well over the $10 I could get for free.
Oh well.....not too too bad really.

And I am well below my food budget for the month.  It stands at the moment at $210.70 spent of $400 budgeted.
It about killed me seeing some good deals in the store on Monday but not taking advantage of them due to my self-imposed spending limit until Thanksgiving.
I'll probably go back on Friday or Saturday though to scoop up some deals at the market.
At least it will be nice and peaceful and deserted there, since everyone will be at the MALL this weekend fighting over Black Friday crap.
Yep, I'll just get some grocery store food deals and stay home.
Ok....maybe I'll go to Rite-Aid or better yet, CVS to get rain checks for all those freebies they have this week.  That's what SonyaAnn is going to do and I think that's a very good idea! 8-)

Now let the cooking begin! ;-)



  1. As you say, let the cooking begin, I am thinking we can really eat from the pantry. Oh it might not be our usual Thanksgiving fare, but I am so not in the mood to hit the grocery stores. Especially after last night. Both menfolk gave me their woe is me speech about money. This one needs this, that one needs that. And we have $80 for food until the end of the month...to include Thanksgiving. At least I already have the turkey breast defrosting. Yep, I think I will experiment this Thanksgiving with eating from the pantry. Thank God for that can pumpkin I purchased last month. At least we will have pumpkin pie.

    I do hope Sluggy you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    blessings, jill

    1. I know I'll be serving a much smaller variety and amounts of food this Thanksgiving.
      And I'm glad you have that pumpkin because we ALL NEED PIE at Thanksgiving, right? ;-)

      Thanks for the good wishes and I hope you Jill and your clan have a peaceful day too.
      We all are truly blessed each in his or her own way.

  2. Yay, you think I'm smart! Let me tell ya that doesn't happen very often!
    Now for the bad part. I spent about $50 at CVS in that past few trips. Yes, I spent actual money. It damn near killed me. Anna needed stuff and there you have it. Yup, that sums it up. I had Anna with me. I do have $30+ in bucks now and I spent less OOP at CVS than I would have at any other store but still I did have a slight panic attack when I saw the final tally.
    Forgive me dear sluggy for I have sinned against you.

  3. I always have bought ahead--sugar, pumpkin, spices if needed, brown sugar, cornmeal--whatever would be needed for the Day. I always knew that I would not have the money for all the shopping that week. I did the same for all celebrations.

    We all do need pumpkin pie or three or four. I forgot to buy a pie crust and will not make one, so pie gets put into the glass pie pan or casserole and eaten without crust.

    Sluggy, I would have had to broken my own rule for just the freebies. You are tougher than I.


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