Friday, November 23, 2012

My Sealed Pot & Take A Guess, Maybe Win A Prize!

This is my "sealed pot" and what it looks like today........

As you can see, it more of a "bowl" rather than a pot and it is definitely not "sealed" in the typical sense of the word.
We have a change cup that Hubs and I contribute to daily/weekly.  When it fills I take the change and roll it up into coin wrappers.
We don't save bills in there, just the change.
I know it won't go far to bankroll our Holiday spending, but every little bit helps, doesn't it?

I am about ready to take these rolls, count them up and take them to the Credit Union to exchange for bills.  Maybe I'll do that come December 1st.....

Anybody want to guess how much is here?
Maybe if enough people put a guess in, I can find something to award whomever comes closest to being correct?
How about I leave this open for guesses until December 1st at midnight.
The prize will remain a mystery until the winner gets it.....and no, they will not be able to retire because of it. ;-)

So who's up for playing along?
Leave 1 guess on this post.



  1. May we leave a guess every day?

  2. I guess the rolls are full? $112.50.

  3. I'm going with $97.00. I'm terrible at this game!
    I know a prize, you could send out however much is there in coupons to the person that gets it. Or I could shut up and you could do nothing. That would be easier.

  4. That’s a lot of coins! How many weeks did it take for you to save all of it? I think it would really go a long way. From the looks of it, the coin wrappers are full. Well, if the game is still running, I would go for $94.


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