Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Week That Flew By/Dragged On

The one where I fill y'all in on what's been going on around Chez Sluggy lately.....

On the evening of May 10th, #1 Son and his Girlfriend arrived, after driving the full length +  of Pennsyltucky from college.  Finals were over and it was good to see them.
The next morning the 3 of us piled into my minivan to drive 200+ miles back across Pennsyltucky to retrieve my Daughter from her school.

I sat in the car while the 3 of them piled stuff into carts and bags and hauled it down to me so I could strategically pack the van.

Notice Daughter taking her sweet time sashaying back to the dorm to help below.....

And look who got the job of pushing the cart full of her crap up the hill(her brother) and who got the job of carrying 6 garbage bags at once like a pack mule(her brother's girlfriend), while Daughter just carried her guitar.
They informed me later that Daughter just stood around and "directed" up in the room while they bagged(she hadn't even prepared anything beforehand to move it!)and carted her belongings.  They ended up making 2 trips filling that cart!

It's a good thing they came because if she had pulled this on me alone, she'd still be sitting her ass in that dorm today!
And never did a "thank you" escape her lips.....

We wedged in all the crap because what we brought last Fall had fit in the same van with PLENTY of room to spare, had expanded and had had babies while in the dorm.  And she now possessed a "few" "vital" things she had bought while living at dishware and silverware.....and a mattress pad.......and a blow up naked afro american girl doll(don't ask!)......just important stuff like that.
And then she had taken back to school in January when her father drove her back a floor lamp and 2 chairs.
And I was suppose to fit all that into my van along with 4 people?!?

So we get home Friday evening and yes, we made HER unpack it all!
And my house is once again bursting at the seams with her junk.....

And while this was all going on, Hubs was off in Washington DC having a grand old time at a work conference.  He's staying in a Hilton, eating hoity toity restaurant food and I'm refereeing the 3 kids + girlfriend, none of whom want to be here and dealing with the others.

Hubs gets back Saturday morning, sleep deprived so he sleeps through most of that day.

Sunday was Mother's Day.  I got some flowers....

 And among the cards I received was this one, from the Daughter.....

This is a FAMILY JOKE.
So now, I get one of this kind of card every year.....or a Giant Novelty Card.

Monday afternoon Daughter went out to find a job since she is going to live here next year while she
attends the community college.
She came home a couple hours later with a job in hand, landed at the first place she applied!
I find it interesting that my nephew(who graduates from high school next month)claims to have been applying for lots and lots of jobs over the past few months and has had no callbacks or offers.

Wednesday evening of last week #2 Son had his French National Honor Society ceremony.  This is his second year making it.
You need 6 consecutive quarters with an A average in French to qualify, so you can't even be considered until your 2nd year taking high school level French.  This is his 3rd year in the subject though he is only a Sophomore.  There is an accelerated language program in this school district in which certain middle school students can take either math or language high school level courses 1 year early with permission.  (This can only be done because the middle school and high school are in the same building so there is no additional cost to transport them from one location to another for the classes.)

So #2 Son lit the candle and got his 2nd year pin while his siblings and the girlfriend were forced to watch.  Payback for all those times he was forced to watch them at ceremonies, in concerts or on

#1 Son and the Girlfriend stayed until Thursday morning, May 17th.  Mostly #1 was dealing with appointments and getting business things done and seeing some friends and taking Girlfriend out, along with doing some clothes shopping.  He needed to be back on the other side of the state to start his summer job the following week(this week).
He is getting an apartment this coming school year so we talked about how much money he has left in his college fund, the apartment he wants to apply for, the lease(since we have to cosign it), etc.

#1 Son turns 21 in July.  He has already invited me to come over and stay at his apartment and come drinking with him anytime I feel like getting away from the dogs, his dad and his siblings.
I might just have to take him up on that...... ;-)

We also had some really nice weather last week!
The Rhododendron bloomed.....

Of course, that also meant all the weeds in my flower and garden beds and around the trees and next to the front porch were growing like.....well.....WEEDS!lol

And hardly anyone here, between back backs, other medical issues and allergies, was in any condition to tame the mess in the yard.  So it's coming up on Memorial Day Weekend, and my flower/garden beds are laying fallow, with no hope of things changing in sight.  So many yard projects to do and nobody to help.  I can't even get #2 Son interested in doing anything for money.  bleh.

I bought this recently on eBay.......
 I had hopes of watching it with my history major #1 Son last week.  But there are 2 things his girlfriend doesn't like evidently-politics and history documentaries-so this was a no go.
So I'll rewatch it in August when #1 comes home again without the girlfriend.

We are big history buffs and we enjoy a good political discussion in this family.  I hope the girlfriend knows what she is in

Last week I did something to my shoulder AGAIN to make the bursitis flare up.
Ugh.  So I started taking Percocet to ease the pain.  It helped the pain but it depressed my breathing so that I couldn't catch my breath if I walked around.  And I couldn't sleep at night because my breathing was so shallow it woke me up if I dozed off.
So it was be pain-free and sleep deprived and panicky or feeling the hurt but breathing and trying to sleep through the pain.
I chose to breathe......yah, I am crazy that way.....

To add to my joy the hot weather arrived like gangbusters!  And between all this other health stuff the humidity made my legs and my one foot start swelling.  It got so bad I thought my breathing and legs indicated I had thrown a blood clot into my lung.  Luckily it hadn't but that was one scary thought! 8-(

Between dinners out, lunch out with #1 Son and Girlfriend, making large and more expensive meals at home, taking #1 Son shopping for some apartment needs, and sending others to the grocery store when I couldn't, and paying for gas and meals for 2 trips across the state, it's been an expensive week+ around here.
So that dear readers is the short version of what I've been up to  and why I haven't been blogging much.

I can't believe that this coming weekend starts Memorial Day stuff and #2 Son finishes school 16 days from now and leaves for camp a week after that!

Maybe I'll just go hide under the bed covers for awhile....



  1. We have so much in common. I sat in the car with kid 4 while kids 2 and 3 brought armloads after armloads of accumulated detritus from kid 1's dorm room. We had a talk with him about being a hoarder. From what I saw, though, some of the girls were GUILTY of even WORSE.

    Kid 2 is in the Spanish honor society now. Let's see... I have not heard of Pennsyltucky before. Is it kind of like DelMarVa?

    I will email you a pic of my great-great grandfather and his civil war brothers.

  2. OMG! I need a nap! Your week was way too busy for me. I studied French for 8 years. I was in French National Honor Society and President of the French Club.

    I can't speak French anymore. LOL!

  3. How nice for your daughter, that you planned ahead and gave her a big brother ;-)

  4. Ok Im exhausted just reading it. Now when we picked the middle one up from school this time I sat in the car and made her lug the stuff down. Yes I was the recipient of the evil eye all the way home

  5. Well, there goes your summer... I'd take that drinking son up on his offer!

  6. Sluggy, that's like 500 posts right there! Seriously, I had a comment for everyone but now I'm overwhelmed.
    I think that you're the opposite of me. I can take a 5 minute moment and drag it into a post that takes 4 hours to read. You covered an entire two weeks!
    But I can say this, I would certainly take your son up on his offer to hang out and drink. Can I come too?

  7. I just cannot express my disappointment in your not getting to watch the video with your son. I wonder if HE knows what he is getting into. I mean, she gets him all the time, and you had so little time and something special to do with him. She could have taken a nap or read a book OR just gritted her teeth while it was on!

    You have all the evidence in photos of your daughter if she EVER denies her behavior about the moving out day. I was laughing in horror the whole time I read it.

    The nephew may be right about no job offers. He may be sabotaging each job interview/inquiry, deliberately or inadvertantly.

    If they are hungry, they will find you under the bedcovers.

  8. LOVE the Mother's Day card!!!
    As for your daughter and her moving day. She's a natural born leader and will prove it some day!

  9. So, not much going on in your neck of the woods eh? LOL! Don't ya love ungrateful daughters...I have one of those too though occasionally she climbs down off of her pedestal to mingle with us lowly commoners. She used to get me cards like that too and I had a good laugh at yours! Ah memories :) Someday you'll have a good laugh thinking about these weeks of mayhem.


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