Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We Got The Funk!

Sorry I haven't been around online much lately.
I've been busy with the kids and life and stuff around the house.

Here's a favorite tune from my youth.  Back when it became cool to be ethnic, when Black was beautiful baby, and even this pasty white girl wore a 'fro and owned a pick.
Pop tunes come and go but the Funk?.....Funk is classic and Goes on Forever!

This should help you get over your Hump Day blahs.....turn your speakers up and enjoy!



  1. I should totally sport a fro again!
    But my only problem is, how do I pick out three strands of hair?

  2. Ah, I remember when we were "One nation under a groove!"

  3. WOOO! I actually sang that with them...
    It's SO groovy!!

  4. I am older than you. In 1976 (link) I was deep into motherhood with infant, preschooler, and elementary age children. Motherhood I enjoyed
    No afro, no pick, none of this music regularly. I had a shag when others had afros and drool-stained clothes. It was Now, it seems I watched from the sidelines. But, that is okay, too.

    My hair is too thin for a shag! I totally understand. We had seasons in the sun.

  5. I need that for listening to in the car. But then I'd probably drive like an asshole. So maybe not. Thanks for the awesome song!

  6. Um, excuse me but is he wearing a codpiece? Hee hee hee...Love that song. Michael is still big on FUNKY music - it will NEVER go out of style!

  7. I like a good funk every now and then.

  8. Lol Annie is crazy!
    I had a sweet purple pick!

  9. Hmmmm.. I think I had a short bob withed feathered bangs. I would have to perm the hell out of my hair to sport a fro.


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