Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oh Hell No!

Let me take off my mom cap for a moment.
You know....the cap that makes every mom(or dad)out there with kids the protector of your offspring no matter what.
When people do things to your kids that aren't lie to them, cheat them, mistreat them in some way, this cap turns you into a defender of your kids.

Even when your kid might be the one who caused the issue or is at fault in some way, this "cap" makes you blind to your kids faults.
Yeah, I am talking about being objective when it comes to something involving your own kids.

So setting my "cap" aside let me tell you about last Saturday.
#2 Son did a Relay for Life event.
I don't know WHO organizes or runs this one, but it takes place on the high school football field, so the school district is involved in some mysterious way.
I also know they are involved because #2 Son was asked to, it was more like OBLIGATED to participate through the school's band program he is heavily involved in.
Yes, he was "forced" to go to this thing and given the honor of paying them $20 for the privilege.

Can you see that I am starting out as not much of a fan of this particular event?
Yes, I know they raise money for the cancer research, etc. so it's a good cause, but I digress.

So it's a 24 hour deal.
Held outside on the football field.

Saturday here was very warm.
More importantly it was a very sunny day with little cloud cover.

Now I know #2 Son should have had more sense at some point when he discovered that he was close to SUN POISONING to have immediately called us to come pick him up.
But no....he was having way too much fun with his band friends to notice that despite all the SPF60 he was slathering on that he was turning into a burn patient.

These were the back of his lower calves/ankles 3 DAYS after his exposure.
I won't show you his arms, necks or his blistering nose.

By the time he came home on Sunday, he had swelled up, was running a fever.  I slathered him in Aloe Gel, gave him some painkillers and sent him to bed.  He slept 15 hours straight.
I kept him home from school until he could stand to have clothing on the affected areas again. I was just waiting for someone at the school to call and insist he come in, so I could tell them fine, but he can only wear underwear at this point!

He is finally feeling better, though the puss filled blisters haven't hit yet and THAT will freak him out.

When he came in the door and I saw him on Sunday morning I kept calm and asked if he had been putting sunscreen on during the day.
He said he had but he is a teenage boy so I'm sure he wasn't diligent or regular with applying it.
I know my kid....

Then he said something that made my head explode......

He said that he didn't have any place to get out of the sun and into the shade.

Each group who entered this thing got a tent(or tents).  Tent meaning one of those sun shade tents/awning things.
That's all great but you see, there was NOT enough room under the tents to get everyone out of the sun.
And certain people(adults)brought chairs and parked under the tents and took up all the space.
Meaning certain other people(kids)had no room to get under the tent and out of the sun.

Now isn't that just lovely!?!?
Thank you inconsiderate boobs!

And I want to know what NIMROD running this CrapFest had the bright idea to NOT provide enough shelter for EVERYONE there to get out of the sun?!?!

Is it not ironic that my kid spent a day raising money for BREAST CANCER and in the process also raised the likelihood that he'll wind up with SKIN CANCER!

Now isn't that just lovely?

And here is my message for this CrapFest's organizer......



  1. I think you should definitely voice that to the school and the school district. It could have been a lot more severe, and they should've been providing these kids with a bit more protection from the sun. Thank goodness he was not dehydrated. Hope he gets better soon.

  2. Slugs, I am not nearly as nice as you are about contributing to every fundraiser, charity-related or not, nor do I have fond feelings for the cult of marching band and its associated time-sucking activities, many of which have nothing to do with music. (see the word "cult" for more about my feelings.)

  3. I am horrified there were not enough tents, and that adults were not mindful of children's needs. No matter how lax your son may have been, there should have been adults who would demand that kids apply sunscreen. I would have! It should have been supplied through the school. The Relay provides water; why not sunscreen? At least here, the program supplies water.

    I wonder how many other children were affected. Your son can probably tell you. I think the school board should be taken to task for this.A united front would get the point across.

    Part of the Relay program's money goes for prevention! Obviously, someone forgot about prevention.

    Let me say I am not a fan of "run for a cure for this" or "run for a cure for that" to find a cure. Why? How about prevention as a primary goal and educational program? Because it would take down industries as additives, coloring, nitrites, and all GMO products were removed from store shelves. Plastic, andd can linings with BPA. Okay, you get the idea.

    How would he have known he was close to sun poisoning? Could the adults not SEE how burned he was?

  4. I always tell my husband that it is good that I don't have super hero powers, because in my anger, rather than removing the burn as my first act, I'd simply smite all those jerks who hogged the tents....

  5. Wow! This is terrible. It reminds me of an incident years ago when my son was in First Grade. The school had a field day and the kids were basically outside all day. I slathered him with sunscreen and told him to be sure to wear his cap.
    Guess what? Some idiot adult wouldn't let him wear his cap and he came home sunburned, though thankfully not as bad as your son.
    I would definitely contact someone about what happened - that's a horrible burn!

  6. Oh I would have been livid. I think allowing kids to get sunburned is child abuse. Just ask my ex who I had to take back to court and have applying sunscreen as part of the custody order. Kids are still kids even at 16 years old and still need to be told to do certain things. Like apply more friggin sunscreen!

  7. OMG! I think I find most fault with the adults that id not give the kids a chance to get out of the sun.

  8. OH MY GOD!!!!! Do you want me to drive up Tuesday and help you kick some ass..I mean I will call in sick for that!


  9. Anna is working at 6 Flags and is training to be a life guard. She was in the pool so long that her ears burned and split at the top. She put sunscreen on but forgot her ears.
    I would be so burned up over the kids not having anywhere to get out of the sun. Do you need help going after them?


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