Sunday, May 6, 2012

$70.59 Later.....

I just went hog wild at Weis Markets on Saturday!
They were celebrating their 150th year in business and had some deals I wanted to pick up.
I also wanted to stock up on a few things that were on sale this past week.
In addition, I got talked into buying junk food that was part of the Pepsico Spend $25, Get $5 OYNO Catalina.

Things that were part of the One Day Anniversary Sale.....
Meat Hot Dogs--$1  I bought 3 packs.
Asparagus--$1 lb.  I bought 1.03 lbs.
Tomatoes on the Vine--$1 lb.  I bought 1.02 lbs.
Potato Chips--$1  I bought 2 bags.
Cold Cereal--$1  I bought 2 boxes.
Pork Ribs--$1 lb.  I bought 7.26 lbs.

I bought up to the limit on all but the hot dogs.
This portion came to $16.31.

The Pepsico stuff I bought....
2 20-packs of soda @ $6 each
2 bags of Sun Chips @ $3 each
2 bags of Tostitos Chips @ $3.50 each

$25, used $4 in ManuQs, paid $21 for this portion and got a $5 OYNO CatQ.

My stock-ups were....
8 cans of green chiles at $1.25 each
4 boxes of taco shells at $1.25 each
2 cans of organic tomato paste .39¢ each after $1/2 StoreQ from Weis Healthy Bites magazine
1 bottle Weis Olive Oil for $2.99 after sale and $1 StoreQ from Weis Healthy Bites magazine
This portion came to $18.77.

Other things I bought that were on sale and I had Qs for....
2 DiGiorno Pizzas on sale $4.99(Must buy 2), used $1.50/2 IPQ making them $4.24 each.
2 2-ltr Polar Seltzer on sale .99¢, used $1/2 WinetagQ making them .49¢ each.
4 1-ltr Polar Mixers on sale .80¢, used $1/4 WinetagQ making them .55¢ each.
This portion came to $12.21.

Things I needed that were on sale.....
1 12-pack hot dog rolls for $1.50.

Add in .80¢ for tax and I'm OOP $70.59.
I got a $5 Catalina Q and I also got a $2.50 WYSpend $40 CatQ.  Both expire on 19 May.  I'll try to use them both if I can come up with a planned $40 order.

Here's why I bought what I bought.....
*  #1 son requested I make some barbecued meats when he comes home soon so the ribs are destined for dinner in the next 2 weeks.
*  The tomatoes are for a quick easy dinner of BLTs sometime this coming week. I've got the bacon and bread, just need some lettuce.
*  The frozen pizzas are for a quick easy dinner(just add salad)when all the kids are home in the next 2 weeks.
*  The asparagus are part of dinner for Monday.
*  I'll be needing the soda mixers when I start drinking again while the kids are
*  The hog dog rolls are needed for Sunday's dinner.
*  The hot dogs are for when #2 Son's friends descend and swarm in the kitchen this summer looking for food.(long range planning)
*  The cold cereal and all the junk food/soda are for the kids who are all coming home.(anticipating kitchen raiding at night)  This should last as long as they all will be home....crossing fingers since 1 of the bags of chips has already been hit hard. lol
*  All the stock-up items are things I stockpile.....tomato paste, olive oil, taco shells, green chiles.(long range planning) #2 Son, if he had HIS WAY, would eat tacos 3 x a week for dinner.  I can never have enough taco

Even adding in my trip to the independent market earlier in the week, I spent only $93.79 for the week for food.  And that included quite a bit of stocking up so I'm happy with it.
I don't know.....psychologically if I can keep my food spending for our family size under $100 in any given week,  I feel like we are doing well to keep costs down.

How about you?....Is there an amount you like to stay under for food expenses per week, even if you know you have more than that to spend?


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