Monday, August 30, 2010

Rite-Aid Throwback.....2 Transactions I Forgot

I found a receipt and photo from before we went on vacation.....

This was 7/29/10 so the 1st week of the August SCR Period.
2 Right Guard Deos on sale $2.50 ea.
2 Rite-Aid invisible Tape 3 packs on sale BOGO $3.49
2 Suave Pro Shampoo 20% off wellness discount $2.23 ea.
2 Sobes *#2 son had drank 1 of them already* on sale $.99 ea.
1 ACE Bandage 20% wellness discount $4.79
1 Glad Kitchen Bags on sale $5.99
1 Ramen Noodles Pack of 6 on sale $1.00

Total before Qs was $26.71.
Qs came to $20.49(including $4 in-ad for the ACE product, 2 free Suave 'Poo Qs, $5 off $25 Q).
Used $6 in +Ups also.
$26.71-$26.49=$.22 + $.22 tax=$.44 OOP put on free Rite-Aid Gift Card.
I got some +Ups back but I can't remember now what for or how many...for the Sobes and the Glad bags?
I did qualify for a $3 SCR for the Tape too.

We stopped at a Rite-Aid in Keene NH on the way to Maine and I bought this.....

Sssshhh....It's a Christmas present.  It was on sale for $9.99.  While I didn't have a coupon it did generate a $2 +UPs and I'll get a $2 SCR as well, so basically this $17.99 gift will cost me $5.99 in the end.
Nice, huh? I used a $1 +Ups I had in my wallet(didn't bring my coupons on the trip)when I paid so it was $8.99(no sales tax in NH!)OOP since I didn't put it on a gift card.

Total Spent for both Transactions....$9.43($.44 put on Gift Card) so $8.99 OOP
Value of Items purchases....$58.38
SCR qualified for...$2(Coffeemaker), $3(Tape)=$5.00
+Up Rewards earned=$5?
+Up Rewards spent=$1.00


Number of Transactions......3
Total Spent....$10.56--$1.57 put on free Gift Cards/Certificates so $8.99 OOP
Value of Items purchased....$95.59
SCR qualified for....$7.99 in cash and $0 in Gift Cards
Other Cash....$0
Additional Non-Cash Rewards....$0

Total 'Spent'...$10.56($1.57 on gift cards)
Total Cash I'm getting Back=$7.99
Total Gift Cards I'm getting=$0
+Up Rewards left to spend=$20.00

Because I used cash for the coffee maker I may actually have to spend my own money this month at Rite-Aid when all the figures are tallied.
Oh, the horrors!lol


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  1. LOL! I had a couple friends get the coffee maker deal, too! If I didn't already have two or three coffeemakers (and DH has done and DS has one also), I'd probably have gotten this.


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