Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Garden Goodies.....And a New Resident

The weather was a might cooler yesterday so I ventured out into the garden beds to weed and pick some veggies.
And the green squash on the left is our LONE Zucchini.
Imagine that....non-prolific zuke!!lol

This Harvest--
TOTAL....4lb. 7.3oz.

Garden Harvest Weight Total to date....33 lb. 8.22 oz.

I updated our Butternut Squash count. We lost one(it never grew beyond it's infancy stage and now it's rotting on the vine), so if the survivors continue to mature we'll have 9 butternuts in the Fall.
I had Hubs put little squares of foil under the ones that are laying on the ground, just to keep them from contacting the soil and all the nasty bugs living in there that might want to snack on them.
Here's one of the biggest ones.  It's turned that pale tint of yellow they are suppose to be....

Our largest specimen is still this color.....

All I can figure is that it's shaded by various plants so it's not getting direct sun exposure.
Or it could be an alien life form badly disguised as a squash and here to take over the planet.
You decide......

We have a young rabbit running loose in our backyard. He loves to hang out in the un-whacked weeds around the pool or under the towering fir trees next to the dog run.

But I found this new resident yesterday enjoying snacks in the side garden bed......
Can't see him?
Try this shot.....look for the EARS.....

Ok, how about this one?

Yep, it's another baby bunny about 4 inches long. I had seen him over the weekend in there too. He's so small he can squeeze right through the bird netting we use for fencing.
He really enjoys marigolds and green beans......*sigh*

So what's happening in your garden this week?
Do tell!



  1. Despite them eating the veggies, I think bunnies are adorable! We'll never be able to have one for a pet, though, because Shane is horribly allergic to their fur.

    Nothing really new in our garden. Still getting lots of tomatoes. Our recent rain has set the acorn squash blooming again, though, so there may be more of those.

  2. More weeds in my garden. I'm jealous! I may have to plant zucchini next year even tho people will start locking their car doors around here...

  3. Your garden is growing nicely. I don't think I've ever had butternut squash. What good eyes--it took me a while to find the bunny. We had so many of them at the beginning of summer but I haven't seen them in a month or so.

  4. The bunny is so cute! Even though I know you would prefer he visit someone else's garden.

    You garden is providing well for you!

  5. we have a herd of bunnies this year, and no garden! go figure :) The cats have discovered that if they sit downstairs by our big glass door to the back yard, they can watch the nature channel - romping bunnies, hopping birds, and running squirrels. It's like a nature preserve back there (don't ask me why) - drives the cats crazy!

    Your li'l bunny is adorable!!

  6. I think the bunny is so cute! If you have any old carrots in the frig, you could see if he would eat those instead? I would try it.
    And great job on your harvest so far!!!

  7. We have a bunny that comes to visit us - he likes to eat the apples that have begun to fall off our tree :)

    I went to our garden this morning. Picked a HUGE zuchini - I think I might have to toss it :( 4 nice sized tomatoes, 6-8 jalepenos, 2 yellow peppers and 4 onions.

    I plan to make some salsa tonight - it will be the first batch this year :)

  8. Tanya--Just grate that huge zuke up for bread or throw it into a meatloaf or spaghetti sauce....great way to hide veggies in something the kids will eat!lol
    Hope the salsa turned out well.... ;-)

    McVal--I know I am jinxing myself saying this but since we have only gotten 1 zuke this year I sure wish someone would load my car up with zukes!lol

    Sheila--If you like sweet potatoes, you'll probably like butternut too! It's great cubed and roasted with other fall veggies(carrots/taters/beets/parsnips/onions/etc.) or prepared much like a sweet potatoe(casserole). Hubs likes to cut into halves, season and bake, then scoop out the flesh and mash it up like a puree with cinnamon and brown sugar and bake again.
    I think since we have so many, I'll be hunting for more recipes this fall to prepare it.


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