Thursday, April 29, 2010

This is Why.....

This is why I am NOT allowed to go to yard sales anymore......

Yes folks, I unearthed these fine beauties while going through the eBay stuff.  As I vaguely recall I procured these finely crafted**ahem** salad tossing implements at a garage sale about.....8 yrs. ago.
I know you are bummed out because I didn't take a close-up photo so you can see the "Florida" imprinted in gold on the brown handles!

And THIS is why I am no longer encouraged to go browse the aisles at Salvation Army when we drop off a load of stuff.....
Yes my friends, that is an ashtray.....with alligators circling it(or maybe they are crocodiles since they are brown?).  
No one here smokes and I haven't been to Florida in 40 years.  I seriously bought this to display in my home.

I do think I am an undiagnosed schizophrenic.  I must be! 
My whole life I have bought stuff that I thought was neato, only to change personalities later and ask myself, "WHAT was I thinking!?"
I've done it with kitchy stuff like this...shabby chic stuff......modern stuff.........victorian stuff.......and on and on.

At least I can say I never pay alot for



  1. Wow... I think you might be more so than my MIL who can't leave a garage sale without something tacky for each and every one of her grandkids. Really - we won't be offended if she doesn't buy us anything...

  2. There's nothing wrong with shabby chic stuff......modern stuff.........victorian stuff......

    There's definitely something wrong with the alligator stuff, though. ;P

    Note that I'm not sharing any of the stuff I bought at garage sales.

  3. I'm sitting here on my bed just laughing my head off! God bless you! I didn't even read anything, yet. The picture set me off.
    "I do think I am an undiagnosed schizophrenic."-My stomach hurts from laughing.
    I'm sorry about your mental illness, I really am but it makes for a great read!

  4. McVal--Make a note....I am NOT to go saling with your MIL! We would prolly come up with something so gawd awful that your head would explode just looking at it!LOL

  5. Annie J--
    "There's definitely something wrong with the alligator stuff, though. ;P"
    Hey, maybe I was Steve Irwin in my previous life??
    Now THAT would explain the alli/croc thing, huh?

    "Note that I'm not sharing any of the stuff I bought at garage sales. "
    Dually noted.....but some day you will....and I'll be waiting...bwwwaaaahhh

  6. SonyaAnn--I am so pleased my mental illness amuses you. Perhaps you'd like to go to the Special Olympics next and pelt contestants with dead kittens? ;-)

    Get that stomach in shape because I have just BEGUN to share my awesome 'finds'!lolol

  7. I think we need a 12 step program for thriftoholics.

    I am now past my blue and white phase and divesting myself of embroidery too. You are schizo... you are metamorphing!

  8. You are terrible!!!!! I would never throw dead kittens. I would throw dead rats!
    So what is your over all plan? Is it just to dejunk? Or is it more to get it ready to sell?
    I have to tell you that one of the things that I love is to organize and clean. See I have mental issues too! Doing laundry is right up there!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Alex M--Hey! I like that....metamorphosing....yeah, that's what I'm
    blue and white huh? Who do you think you are?....Picasso?lol

  10. SonayAnn--You live to do laundry huh? I think you need to move next door and you can do all the laundry and I can do the meal plans and cooking for us both! Works for me cuz I detest laundry!!!

    My overall plan is to haul everything out of storage, go through it all and it goes to eBay if I can get some $ after fees for it, it goes to Sallie's if I can't. A few things I will be holding onto and when daughter moves out next summer for school I can take what I don't get rid of and shove it into her old

    The alligators are going to Sallie's...I know, it breaks your heart, doesn't it?lol

  11. My mil buys things like this and when she decides she doesn't want them anymore she regifts them to the kids. But she doesn't appreciate it if we get rid of the stuff!

  12. ROFL!!!! This is great :) Can't wait to see more of your ... confessions ;)

  13. "Perhaps you'd like to go to the Special Olympics next and pelt contestants with dead kittens? ;-)"

    I almost choked on a mouthfull of water when I read this!!

    Note to self: Do not drink anything while reading slugmama's posts.


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