Monday, April 26, 2010

No more Lobster.....sniff

Remember my $52.11 splurge on fresh lobsters last week?
Well here is a photo of the last lobster roll...
I ended up buying 6 lobsters(almost 8.75lbs. total).  I ate 2 straight up and then took the other 4, picked the meat out, chopping it up, adding finely diced celery and enough mayo to hold it all together.  Warm a bun, spread  generously on the bun and sprinkle celery seed on top.....then devour!lol  
Of course, there is alot of disagreement among New Englanders on what to add to a lobster roll.  There are the purists-no condiments or binders of any kind....the classists-a little mayo and maybe some butter or salt and pepper.....and then there are those who add what they like as they know from eating many MANY rolls made many different ways-like me!lol  But all aficionados agree on one thing--you NEED a New England  style Hot Dog Roll!  It looks something like this.....

I got 9 lobster roll servings from the 4 lobsters that were left.  Sooooo, if you figure each lobster cost $8.68($52.11 divided 6 ways), 4 lobsters was $34.72.   9 Rolls into $34.72 would be about $3.85 per sandwich.  Considering you would pay at least $10 for a lobster roll at a roadside seafood shack in New England(you can get them at McDonald's up there for about $8) that's $90 worth of eating for $34.72.

A frugal splurge? betcha.....

Sorry but I can't stop myself from taking photos of food.
I do need a new camera though that takes closeup shots because mine sucks at it.
Maybe it's time to upgrade my old Power Shot A40.  I've had it 8 years now.
I hear Canon is up into the A500s now making my A40 pretty well



  1. That sure does look good. I've never had lobster but I would be willing to try a lobster roll!!

  2. Looks wonderful! I'm with Sheila, I've never had one before.
    Hope you have a great week!

  3. I've never had REAL lobster before. Only the fake pressed fish kind. I'm anxious now from your pics to try it out. Sounds a bit pricey tho, but oh well!

  4. OMG!! I have had lobster and I adore lobster. Unfortunately, it is rarely in my budget.

    Those lobster rolls look yummy.


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