Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Move Your Money...Send a Message!

As the old saying goes....I trust banks as far as I can throw one.

And with the latest revelations about Goldman Sachs knowingly and purposefully selling it's clients losing investments so that they could reap profits on their clients losses, Wall St. is on my sh** list too.

I'll state for the record that I have my money in a local bank. Our joint money is still in an evil monstrously large bank. I'll be working on DH to move at least some of it into a credit union this year.

I think everyone in America should vote with their money.  Not spending the money but just putting it elsewhere out of reach of the big banks.  Why give these TOO BIG TO FAIL Behemoths the capital to make more money off of your deposits?  They'll just spend it on paying lobbyists to put members of Congress in their back pockets.




  1. AMEN!!! Credit unions only here...

  2. It certainly would hit and hurt the big banks in their precious bottom lines, wouldn't it :) I have some money locally in two different banks, and some with a really big bank online. Each place has its strengths and weaknesses, which is how our $ got spread out this way in the first place. As soon as one local bank (and I keep testing them all) gets everything together that I need and doesn't make it impossible to use/figure out, I'm there!


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