Monday, April 26, 2010

I Finally Woke up Today & Planned my Menu for the Week

Now I'm wide awake at 10pm at night so I'll get no sleep tonight.ugh

I've decided that I need to move to this town.  Not only does the name fit me but there aren't alot of people there.  Figures, if it's located in the US-land of McMansions and massive consumer debt- a town with that name would have few fulltime inhabitants......

I finally cobbled together a Meal Plan for this week.  Lots of stuff going on the next few days(appts./meetings/school events/dh working late)so I've got a mish-mash of meals going on.

Monday--Pork Chops with Plum Glaze, Stuffing(the box stuff), Mixed Veggies
Tuesday--Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti, Salad
Wednesday--Beef Pie(like Shepherd's Pie but with Cornbread topping, not taters)
Thursday--Haluski(finally getting to this....maybe lol)
Friday--Chicken Marsala with Shiitake Mushrooms, Mashed Potatoes,Asparagus
Saturday--Spaghetti with Meatless Balls, Salad again
Sunday--Leftover Delight(whatever you can find in the fridge)

What I need to buy for this menu....
salad greens

I think I even have everything on hand to make that crockpot peanut butter and chocolate cake thingy too this week.

Shopping in the stockpile yet again this week.
Processed crap used....Stove Top and Marsala mix.

Chicken breast is .99¢ this week at the local independent store chain so I might hike up to the location that I still have a gift card for and get some free chicken.
And we are running low on bread so I might hit the bread outlet on the 1st so it's on next month's budget...sneaky,
The only Catalina deals locally are for junk food....again! I won't be doing them.

The goal is to keep the food spending under $20 this week.
Last week we spent $13.64 on food.  Another week of me staying out of the grocery stores.  8-))

What have you got planned for meals this week? 
Any great deals in your grocery stores this week?



  1. OMG! Tightwad! That is just about 15 miles from where I grew up as a kid/teenager. (and about 75 miles from where I live now...have to drive through there on my way to Mom and Dad's).

    There's a little restaurant, a church, a mini-storage place and a little bank there...people open accounts just so they can say their account is at the Bank of Tightwad.

  2. What state is that town in? I wanna go live there!! :)

  3. I used the LAST of our meat yesterday... So unless I use up our lunch ham slices with a scalloped potato thing, I'll have to bring something home tonight. Actually, scalloped potatoes sound pretty good. How many potatoes have I got?! hmmm.

  4. Found it - Tightwad, Missouri. Definitely will keep this in mind as a place to move to :)

  5. Can I come over Wednesday for dinner and Saturday? I'll clean up the kitchen afterward!
    I'm so doing something wrong. You and Annie rock at this. I think part of the problem is I keep doing deals and it is costing. But I still won't know until I tally up the next four weeks. With the way that you like to analyze numbers I should have you over!!
    I've been running around today getting stuff(cheap) for the kids graduation party. So I'll answer your email later. I'm trying to do an entire party for 50+ for $200. I spent $40 on decorations so lets see what I do with this one. I should post about it!!!

  6. I love that town and I have never even been there! :-)

    Your menu looks scrumptious!

    We ate leftovers from our company dinner on Sunday, the last two nights. Tomorrow will be some kind of chicken in the crockpot because I will be spending a full day in Williamsville tomorrow with apt. stuff. I hope to make enough for Thursday too because I have lots of appts. that day that takes me a ways from home.

  7. SonyaAnn--You should post about putting your party together. Maybe you can get some good ideas from folks too.

  8. Annie J--I WANT a bank acct. at Tightwad! I had read about that bank last year. They have tightwad bank prepaid visa cards....I think I'll give those out for xmas this

  9. McVal--Try Annie J.'s creamy potato and ham casserole's yummy!

  10. Pretty--We should start a communal living situation in Tightwad. I can see it now....a community kitchen and dorm style bathrooms with separate earth ship wings for our private quarters. Geo thermal, windmills and solar too to power it all. And a large community garden with orchard, composting and private recycling system.

  11. Precious--Work those leftovers, lady! I wish I was better at that...

  12. Your menu sounds great. I'm off to look up Haluski--not sure what that is. I'll have to ask my husband if he knows where Tightwad MO is--since he is from MO. I like the thought of giving out Tightwad bank prepaid Visa cards--too cute.


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