Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cleaning out the Stockpile=Food Bank Donation

So I got some more items cleaned out of my stockpile this morning.
I had more boxes of cold cereal, boxes of pasta and jars of peanut butter than we could ever eat before the sell by dates.
Also extra canned veggies, bread crumbs, pancake mix, cans of soup and assorted condiments to go along with the Pop-Tarts and Fruit Snacks that had to go!  In addition, I found some cat food to take over.  People don't think about donating pet food when it comes to food banks.   If you can't afford to feed yourself and your kids, you surely aren't feeding your pets, right?

All totaled I took 78 items over to the Food Bank.
The church's secretary knows me by sight now and loves to see me come!lolol

I got home and found I forgot to leave 1 bag of food.  I had so many boxes of eBay items and boxes of freecycle things in the car I missed 1 bag so I'll have to go back tomorrow. ugh

I also just got a freecycle post up to get rid of 3 more boxes of stuff asap.  5 minutes later and I've got 3 Very eager(I might say aggressively so!) takers already.  I haven't participated in the freecycle board in a yr. even though I'm subbed to it.....Boy, some of these folks get pushy, don't they?lol

After I do the Flea Market next month I'll probably have Toiletries to take over to the Food Bank as well.  I found another box of toiletries in the storage unit today.  I had moved some boxes out of the house & garage right before xmas and didn't see this one when I brought all the toiletries bound for the flea market back to the house last month.
You should see all the boxes/bags of excess toiletries for the flea market...it is so an embarrassment of riches.....

It's a shame I don't have people to gift at Christmas that would like a nice big basket of personal care items!
Oh SonyaAnn.....where are you when I need you here?  I could finish up a big chunk of your Santa's Secret List.   ;-)

But more on the Flea Market stuff another day.  It's time to get some more things sorted out for Sallies or up on eBay.

78 food bank +37 sallie's=115 items Decluttered in April

Now show us your decluttering!



  1. I quit giving and requesting on freecycle because people are so rude around here, getting very aggressive about wanting your stuff, but then half the time not showing up, not calling, not emailing. I have much better luck and deal with friendlier folks on craigslist.

  2. OMG!! I wish I lived close to you! I would love to shop your discards. (Though I would not take from the food pantry donations.)

  3. Oh SonyaAnn.....where are you when I need you here? I could finish up a big chunk of your Santa's Secret List. ;-)-Let's talk honey. What have you got that you think would work for me? I'm serious!
    I keep a running pile in the garage for donating. If I think that we don't need it, I put it in the box for a while. If it isn't missed, then it gets a new life in the second hand store.

  4. SonyaAnn-email me privately what types of things you need. I have boxes upon boxes to go through here, and I don't remember everything that's in them. But I do know most of it is older out of production toys and collectibles with a pile of throw blankets thrown in. The shipping costs may make this idea not-doable but we can try, right?lol


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