Thursday, April 22, 2010

Are you a Lover or a Hater?

While I am NOT older than Planet Earth I am older than the day designated here in the USA to honor our "Big Blue Marble".

This day reminds me of this Public Service Announcement from my youth....

It's a shame that it would still be necessary to run this PSA today, almost 40 years later.

My Bloggy Friend Annie Jones has a nice post today HERE.  While it's not an Earth Day post per se, she brings up how to go about making changes in your life(like being more earth friendly) and how to make them stick.

I'll just say I concur with her thoughts there and I'll drag this fine clip out from my archives as it's always a good reminder.
Not only that but this comic/singer/songwriter is one of my favs and even though he is young enough to be my son, I'd do him in a NY minute if he'd just ring me up!

Do something to be kind to Mother Earth today....and everyday!



  1. Thanks for the link.

    I think I read that Iron Eyes Cody was actually Italian instead of Native American, but the message did make it's point, didn't it?

    Also, I think you have cougar tendencies. I should know one when I see one. ;)

  2. Annie J--LOLOL...yes, you would know.
    Yah, old Iron Eyes was of sicilian descent. Just par for the course with oldtime hollywood.
    I'd agree that the message was the important thing and this visual was a good one for it to still be remembered by so many so long since it ran.

  3. I remember the crying Indian ads. Yes, it is a shame that they should still be run today.

    LOL at doing that young guy in a NY minute! You ARE a cougar! I would be one if I weren't married. LOL!

  4. Frances--You bad girl you!lol
    I don't know....I am Not usually on the prowl for younger men. But there is something about him with me....maybe it's the heavy handed mascara or the barefeet, I don't know. Maybe I should buy my DH some Maybelline? ;-)

  5. LOL about the young guy! I remember those commericals about the Indian when I was very young and thinking, "What is this guy crying about?" Obviously, I was a little slow! : )

  6. Pam--No, you weren't slow, you were just too too young to know!lol


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