Saturday, December 29, 2018

Frugal Friday on Saturday.....the December 29th Edition

My week is a bit bolloxed up this week what with Christmas and company and not posting for a bit while they were here so forgive my Late Edition of Frugal Friday please.

Frugal wins this week?  You tell me if I had any. lolz

* I got the Weis Freebie last Friday........

A jar of gravy.

*  Last Friday I also got all this at Weis on their Fantastic Friday sales.......

A bag of shredded cheese which was on sale last ad for $2.  I had a .75¢/1 Q Weis mailed me plus a digital Weis Q for $1/1 came off as well so I paid .25¢ for an 8 oz. bag of cheese.
Go me!

These unusual cereals were $1.49.  Multiple digital Qs came off(no clue how or why!)so I ended up paying .49¢ box.  I was very curious to try the banana pudding one.  Could be horrid, could be yummy.

I also had printed off 6 Ragu Qs at Coupons dotcom for $1/2 jars of Ragu.  The Ragu, including the Ragu Simply(no added sugar), was $1 a jar on sale so these cost me $6 total or .50¢ per jar after sale/Q.
I gave BIL 4 jars of it in his Xmas box and we'll use the other 8 jars at Chez Sluggy.

*  Eldest brought his GF here for Christmas.  Because I have a stockpile of goodies I didn't have to go out and spend additional cash on putting together some gifts for her.  I don't know her tastes and other than the 1 suggestion Eldest could come up with for a gift(a book in a series someone wrote about the different Disney movies and what would have happened if the dark side had taken's Disney related so I just couldn't bring myself to purchase this, being the anti-Disney person I am lolz)I didn't have the time or inclination to go out last minute to fend off the hoards in the stores to shop.  So I culled a box of chocolates, a restaurant gift card and some stocking stuffers from my stash and I let her raid my Rite-Aid freebies box of make-up too. 8-)

*  I got paid to take a tube of toothpaste outta Weis on another trip.........

I don't usually go down the toiletries aisles at Weis since well, Rite-Aid gives me all that sort of thing for free 8-).
I just happened to spot this brand/type of toothpaste that was on clearance for half price, $1.47.  I knew I had a $2/1 Crest digital Q attached to my Weis card so I stuck it into my order.  The overage between the price paid and the value of the Q(.53¢)went toward all the other items in my cart that I actually had to pay money for. lolz  It was an unexpected bonus of savings and a freebie.

*  We didn't go to the brew pub after Friendly's on Wednesday  night due to the pub being full up.  Came home, drank beer at home and played games on the tv, thereby saving about $100 we would have spent on that outing.

As always, stay frugal my friends!

What frugal wins did y'all have last week?



  1. We missed a brewery visit as well, drink beer and ate pizza at home. Amazing how quickly the saving add up by not spending.

  2. We really are kindred spirits! I'm not a Disney fan either. I can't fathom the money that people spend to go every year. And don't get me started on kids never even cared for Disney TV shows or anything. We just don't have that gene, I suppose.

    Frugal? What's that? I remember when I used to be frugal, but holiday/vacation mode is in full swing. I did get (a lot of) wrapping paper for 30 cents and some wine bags and other things for 50 cents. Talk to me on January 2nd, that's when reality will set back in lol.

  3. NOT FRUGAL: spent $687 for peace of mind (ordered generator after lucky miss in gigantic windstorm)
    FRUGAL: Barely left the house except for groceries. No online shopping even!
    FRUGAL: Lottery ticket line way too long to bother getting a new one, will cash in my free ticket in 2019 and start fresh - I only buy about 1 a month
    FRUGAL: Entertaining tonight from items from my fridge and freezer except had to go buy buns for our kielbasa burgers. Oven fries and spinach salad will accompany it. Drinking homemade wine (priceless)

  4. Most people would love to raid your Rite-Aid freebies. I know I would.

  5. I think GF of Eldest made out great being allowed to raid your make-up goodies! Lucky girl!!

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  7. GREAT deal on the cheese! How great that you were able to give the GF a gift from your own stock. My grandmother could always do that. My brother had a friend come with him on Christmas Eve one year and she magically had him a gift. SO sweet.

  8. Hey the best contouring makeup pallet I ever have used I got raiding your stash and then you sent me two more Luvs...


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