Friday, December 28, 2018

Scenes of the Holiday Season

Hubs and I got out a few times during the Holiday Season this year among the crowds.

Once was to Walmart to replace some broken outdoor lights.

While Hubs shopped I looked around the store............

I found this weiner dog stuffed plush decorated for Hanukkah in blue with a menorah strapped to his torso. lolz

At first this reindeer looked like a llama to me but as I got closer I saw it was a reindeer.  I never did take a look at the price tag on it....and where for heaven's sake would you store it in the off season?!?!

Another day we went to a Tuesday Morning that opened this Summer near us..........


This was the most bizarre thing I saw in that store.  It's a tiny electric fan that looks like a cricket.

This pillow was funny in a good way, not like that cricket fan.

I threatened to buy this for Hubs...............

I also saw this at Rite-Aid and thought about getting it for Daughter's dog.......

The dog has a stuffed poop squeaky toy she carried around and thinks it's her baby.  I didn't buy this dancing and singing Xmas poop because the dog is so scared of everything, it would have traumatized her. lolz

I did buy this for Daughter to put on the tree though........

A poop Xmas ornament for Cinnamon.  I'll inscribe it with her name and the year before they take it to LA this Spring.

And the poop got a place of honor on the tree, right between Daughter's "special" reindeer craft for 2nd grade and SpongeBob Square Pants ornie.  lolz

We also hit The Christmas Tree Shop finally in December.  It was right by the music shop we had to hit for guitar strings and picks for Ex-College Boy.

I couldn't believe some of the junk they sell.  I guess some men are really, really hard to buy for....

I warned Hubs I needed to put this into his stocking, a "Snore Stopper".  It's a plastic fist on a stick and you whack the snorer with it.....lolz  But at $5 it wasn't worth that much of a laugh.

Last Friday,  I went out to run a couple of errands and recorded this little video.....

The next day it was 30F......a 35 degree drop in temp but luckily no tornadoes this time. ;-)

On Christmas eve it snowed a bit............

Here's Cinnamon went I let her in after a trip out to potty.....little snowball like flakes.  The dog is part Husky so she doesn't even feel it her fur is so thick.  This dog lays out in the yard in the snow, rain, wind, you name it, in the dark and cold.  She'd stay out there by herself if you didn't haul her in.
She is going to hate Louisiana when she goes back........

Christmas was the traditional dinner out at our local Chinese Restaurant.  Just Hubs, I and Daughter this year as Ex-College Boy had to work until 8 pm, so we got him a to-go order.

Christmas Eve day was also spent lobbing in a phone call to Sonya Ann to gab for an hour or four.  They aren't really "doing" Christmas there this year but she has her kids with her for the Holiday which was nice.  We discussed many deep philosophical things and had a few good belly laughs over things.  She is in a much better place( both physically and mentally)this Christmas.  Her life with the asshole is finally done and she is free to craft the life she wants for herself.  I am so thrilled for her!

And here is a gratuitous pic of Chester..........

He got a bath for Christmas and I've let his hair grow long for the Winter.  He loved all the commotion and people in the house for Christmas.

We didn't get everyone up on Xmas morning until around 10am.  It's so nice the kids are young adults now and we aren't up until 2 am putting together toys and then roused out of bed at 5 am.  Ah, the good old days..Not! lolz

We opened gifts are a good breakfast..........

Ex-College Boy teased Chester with wrapping paper.

Chester was decked out in his "Santa's Little Helper" shirt. lolz

 Hubs with his high end bag of coffee.

 Daughter opening a gift wrapped in the Harry Potter paper I found at Dollar Tree(she was a HP fan).

Chester opening one of his gifts....a Licky Mat.  I think he liked the gift wrap better than that gift. lolz

 Cinnamon taking her jumbo rawhide bone candy cane.....notice Chester at the bottom of the picture.

 And Cinnamon running away from Chester trying to take that rawhide bone from her.  She carried it upstairs to her bed where she could chew on it in peace. ;-)

Here I am with a garden stone in the shape of a snail.  Hubs and I saw this at Christmas Tree Shops and I wanted it so I pretended I didn't know he bought it for me until I unwrapped it Xmas morning.
It was on final clearance and cost $2 so a win/win!

 Daughter got a cool crosbody purse from her BF.  The smile said she liked it!

 Kim sent Chester a little toy which he took to right away.  He's been carrying it around for 3 days now in between trying to shake it to death and chew it up. lolz

Here is Hubs and Chester on Xmas.  Chester got a new plastic pig toy(actually he got 2-one in pink and one in orange)and he is waiting patiently for daddy to take the tags of it so he can play with "Piggy".

Kim's box of goodies arrived on Christmas eve.  Lots of cookies, a fruitcake, plus caramels and a book for Hubs, a luggage tag and sarcastic fridge magnet for me and that toy for Chester.

There was also this box for me........
Inside was a big, heavy decorated sugar cookie sitting on top of an inch thick bed of crumbs.  But not cookie crumbs.....they looked like corn flake or Chinese noodle crumbs.  We passed the box around and tried to figure out WTF?!? it was.
I finally realized there had "probably been those delicate Scandinavian rosette cookies you make on an iron rod, dipping into the batter and then deep frying them, cooling and coating with powdered sugar(I could see the 10X sugar residue on the sides of the box)in this box.

Either that or Kim had lost her mind somewhere in the last couple of weeks and had shipped me crushed up fried crunchy batter and cocaine in a box. lolz

No one here believed me about the cookies since other than way distant ancestry we aren't of Viking stock so we've never had these cookies before.

A call to Kim to see how her Christmas turned out(though she's not done celebrating the Holiday yet)confirmed that my hunch was right and they had been, at one time Rosette cookies.  I will relish eating those crumbs now Kim.
But really......what voice in your head told you when you packed those cookies to make the journey from ID to PA that you should fill up that empty space at the top of the box with a substantial(and comparatively HEAVY)sugar cookie? LOLOLZ  It just served as a battering ram in the box once the postal service got ahold of it and finished the pulverizing job. heheheh

Eldest and his GF arrived around noon on Christmas day as well as the Brother in-law and Nephew.

Daughter cooked most of the meal for me which was a nice change for me.  I did still do the pies, cookies, deviled eggs(which we forgot until almost the end of dinner)and a new Brussels Sprouts and Radicchio Slaw dish(which everyone seemed to love).  She did the ham, the potato rolls, mac and cheese and a pan of roasted veggies so the majority of the work.

We sat down to eat around 2pm and like the deviled eggs I almost forgot to take a picture of the whole dinner gang............

We opened a few more gifts, did the Secret Santa exchange then after BIL and nephew left and Hubs went to bed the kids and I played a few games on JackBox and the more they drank the more inappropriate the answers got.
I got to bed around 1am.

On Boxing Day we slept in(well, most of us did), we hung out and chilled until dinner time(though I did take a plate of cookies up to the Rite-Aid), then we headed off to Friendly's for one of the worst dinners out EVAH!, followed by a drive to the brew pub for drinks and bingo, however the brew pub was SRO so we just went home, drank there and played more JackBox(this time with Hubs too).

Eldest and his GF left early Thursday morning as she had work on Friday.  At least I remembered to get a photo of them before they left.  Wish they could have stayed longer but such is life.......

So that's been my holiday so far.  Thursday was spent cleaning up, doing laundry and napping.

I hope everyone had some fun and made some memories this Christmas like we did. ;-)



  1. Hi there, You have done an excellent job. I will definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends.
    I'm sure they will be benefited from this web site.

  2. Your holiday sounds so nice, Sluggy. We also waited until around 10 to open presents. It was nice and leisurely and we both loved it. I'm glad you had such a good holiday. It has warmed up here too and doesn't feel like winter at all.

  3. Hi Sluggy, it's Anna here over in France. I just got your Christmas card so thank you very much. Oddly enough I've been reading your blog for some time but only commented once that I can think of and that was an update on Sonya Ann's situation. I'm so glad you mentioned her here and to know that she is doing much better. Sonya Ann - you go girl. And yeah, life is always better without an a$$$hole (ask me how I know). Anyway, greetings to you all and a happy new year, or bonne année as we say over here. Anna

  4. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas. I am wondering why you keep names of blogs on your "like" list that have been defunct for years. I sometimes click on them in order to find new to me blogs and find some haven't published for years.

  5. Looks like a lovely time! Eldest boy and GF look like a happy couple :)
    I volunteered to work Christmas Eve (don't tell hubby) to avoid my in-laws. Christmas day the kids slept til 9, then we visited my dad and took presents to my nieces. Nice day all around. On the ride home we took the long way to look at lights, and saw a family with a small bonfire that looked so cozy...but I couldn't convince husband that we should do the same :( maybe next year?

  6. Looks like you had a fun holiday! Share the radiccio slaw recipe?

  7. Sounds like a great Christmas, and I am so glad you posted the picture of the Walmart seasonal finds. I had always thought Hanukkah
    celebrated the miracle of the oil. Now I know it is the miracle of the oil and daschund.
    Enjoy the rosette pieces (snickering here)
    Glad you talked with Sonya Ann and very happy she is in a better place than she was.

  8. Okay so I take after my mother, she shipped frozen lefsa one time and it arrived to the sender covered in mold. At least you can eat your crumbs.

  9. It sounds like you had the perfect Christmas.I am truly happy to hear about Sonya. Say hello to her for me.

    I wish you and your family a Happy New Year!


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